Image Consultant
Public Relations

Myoushi and I met in the Philippines at Clark Air Base. I was an F-4 Phantom II fighter pilot, and she was a college student who transferred from Wilberforce University in Ohio to the University of the Philippines. Myoushi was born in Spain, spent her formative years in Italy, and spoke Spanish and Italian before she was fluent in English. Her father, an Air Force chief master sergeant from Alabama, moved frequently, causing Myoushi to attend six high schools and eventually four universities. She learned to make friends in two minutes, but it took me six months to get the first date. When I arrived at her home, her father wasn’t happy. He questioned me for 30 minutes. Surprisingly, we learned that Myoushi’s mother and father had gone to Parker High School in Birmingham, Alabama, with my mother, and they knew each other. After that, I could do no wrong.

We dated for nine months. Myoushi then left the Philippines for Florida State University. Thirteen months later, I convinced the Air Force to send me to Florida. We married six months later.

I left the Air Force to attend law school in 1984, and went to zero income. Myoushi supported our family on a fraction of what I made. We lost our home while I struggled in law school. After graduating with honors, I clerked with a federal judge, began practicing law, and started flying the F-16 Falcon in the Air Force Reserve. I retired as a colonel.

Myoushi became an image consultant and entrepreneur. She teaches etiquette and also worked as a marketing and public relations specialist. She especially enjoys working with children and has had a long-lasting impact in their lives.

In 1990, I was elected State Representative and two years later State Senator, serving until 2002. In 2006, I was selected as Florida’s democratic nominee for lieutenant governor. I worked a lot of hours, but spent little time with our three children, Derek, Durel and Michele.

Our children were excellent scholar-athletes, regularly featured for spectacular game-winning shots in high school basketball games or winning races in track meets. But I was rarely there to experience it.

In 2004, I started listening more closely to my banker friend, Victor Alvarado. Victor called me monthly for two years. I bought a legal plan for myself and was sold.

As a state legislator, I passed many laws to help people, but you had to know the law to keep others from taking advantage of you.

LegalShield gives ordinary people access to the system so those who don’t know the law can learn their rights and protect themselves.

I began working LegalShield with some success, but three months into the business, Myoushi decided to take an active role, and we became Executive Directors. Five months later, I left my law firm. Together, we rose to the level of Silver Executive Directors. We are three-time Production Achievement Award winners, and LegalShield Ring Earners. Unlike any of my previous occupations, LegalShield has afforded us an opportunity for financial security and time with the family.