Though I have experience as a certified project manager, my background was in the entertainment industry as a musician, vocalist and actress. I also own a non-profit organization working with youth, and I have been a caretaker for three of my senior relatives.

My brother, Damon Stone, first introduced me to LegalShield, and I am forever grateful. I get to work my own hours and build residual income, which means I have flexibility in my life. That’s a big deal.

It is important for me to be with a company congruent with my values. I provide a meaningful service that adds value to the lives of others. I love that LegalShield focuses on personal development — the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

I’m happy to work with my mom, Kate Stone, and I look forward to the success of friends and team members Sonja Byrd and David Ali. Much success to Derick Dallas and Wyatt Ware. Thank you, Warren Harper, my other half, for your never-ending support. A very special thanks goes to Nakeeta Tucker for your coaching and honesty and teaching me about “beast mode”; to Alistair Edwards for your leadership and support; to Ron Green for your counsel and understanding; to Darnell and Traci Self for your selfless, endless passion to lead others to their own greatness and for creating a culture of unity, support and winning, along with Mike Humes; to the Team NuVision family.  A special thanks goes to Jeff Bell and the leadership team, for your belief in everyday people like me, who want to make a difference while making a living. The best is yet to come!