Business Owner
Insurance Agent

After 11 years with LegalShield, we are as excited today as the day we first heard of the service! The service we offer is long overdue for American families, and we love letting people know that they can have affordable access to the same legal services traditionally available to only the very wealthy.

Over the past decade, we have incorporated LegalShield into our insurance business, and it has become the number one product we promote to the employer groups and employees that we work with. While most insurance products are something we have for peace of mind, the truth is, we usually don’t want to have to use them. With LegalShield, we have the same peace of mind, but we encourage people to use the service, and that’s a game changer in our view!

Our goal moving forward is to grow our team to protect more families and help others achieve success. Earning the $100,000 Ring was wonderful, but helping others earn their Ring will feel even better!

We can’t thank the Moore family enough for their love, support and encouragement along this exciting journey. Jeremy and Stephanie Moore, we thank you for all the time, love and encouragement you’ve given us. We plan to pay it forward and bless others so they can realize the same success and dreams that we’ve realized. To honor Mr. Ken Moore, we try every day to live by his motto of putting God first, family second and LegalShield third, and we know that God’s blessings will stay with us if we keep things in that order.