After staying at home for over 15 years and even homeschooling through these years, I was looking to return to work by finding a part-time business. I did not want to go back to my former stressful corporate career. I was introduced to LegalShield’s membership first while trying my hand at real estate investing. I had the membership first and only heard much later that I could make money doing this as a business; it sparked my interest.  

When I began, I was only motivated to do enough to qualify for the Performance Club trips. They are to die for! Ever since the beginning, I qualified to go on all the trips and have taken my kids. My kids were the ones who kept me motivated because they enjoyed the trips so much!

Recently, my husband fell ill and was unable to return to work full-time. I can truly say that LegalShield has provided the income we needed. Not only has it provided for us financially, it has stretched me to become a person I would have never been—personally, spiritually and philanthropically. I have met so many people who have inspired me to greater heights, leading me to a greater purpose than myself! I love having a business that truly helps people, and I work alongside other business owners in the community for the greater good! It has changed my purpose and vision to earn more so that I can give more.