Speech Pathologist

I was introduced to LegalShield in 1998. I had just paid $1,000 to an attorney to review a contract and write a letter to get back $3,000 in escrow money that was owed to me. When I learned I could have had a LegalShield attorney do the same thing for a small monthly fee, I immediately saw the value of the membership. I started telling all my friends about LegalShield and then I learned I could get paid for sharing the service. I was working for a large pharmaceutical company, and it was about the time that the downsizings started. I didn’t want a corporation to be in charge of my financial future, so I jumped at the chance to become an associate. 

My first profession was as a speech pathologist. I only left that field to become a pharmaceutical representative because in the early 80s I couldn’t make enough money to support myself. Over the years corporate life changed, and the job was no longer fulfilling. I had taken about seven years off from LegalShield due to personal reasons and decided to start working my business again. Because of diligent work, I was able to retire from corporate life at the age of 59.

LegalShield allows me to do what I love: teach and help people. I am a full-service representative who builds a team and works in the Business Solutions area. I travel, spend time with family and friends, and shop to my heart’s content.