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Plan Features

See what’s included with a LegalShield plan and how our coverage compares to our top competitors.




  • Unlimited consultation call time
  • Free document review up to 15 pages
  • Auto coverage including moving traffic violations, criminal charges, and driver’s license recovery
  • 24/7 emergency access

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  • Phone consultation (30-minute limit)
  • Free document review up to 10 pages
  • Limited auto coverage (30-minute consultation)
  • 1-week trial

Rocket Lawyer


  • Document review starting at $99
  • Limited auto coverage ($39/15-minute consultation)


$39.95/15-min call

  • Document reviews starting at $99
  • 15-minute auto coverage consultation starting at $39

Price may vary by location
**For Legalzoom only: Not included in 30-minute consultation. Legal services for tax issues offered at 25% discount.