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I appreciate all the help and support I had in developing my LLC. It was great to have an organization that took me from start to finish with registering my name and my business in the state of Washington. They answered questions quickly and efficiently and I couldn’t be more pleased.
Washington Member, Theresa O.
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No one told me about Launch by LegalShield. I stumbled across it on the web. I saved money. This is important, rather than spend a lot with law firm, I saved with Launch.
Tennessee Member, Gary H.
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The attorney was very helpful and knowledgeable, and took time to explain to us the LLC process. He also answered all the questions we had, without making us feel rushed, so we came out of the conversation feeling that we had a good understanding of the LLC advantages.
Maryland Member and Independent Sales Associate, Hop Pham Thi C.
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Attorney was very engaging and asked multiple times if I had additional questions and explained the Launch by LegalShield team would complete the process.
Illinois Member & Independent Sales Associate, Richard E.
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My experience with the attorney was a good one. He helped me understand that it made better sense to start my LLC at the beginning of the year as opposed to the last month of the year. His advice could save me a pretty penny, so I’m grateful, and will reengage in January.
California Member, Adam C.
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