Before LegalShield came into my life, I was a house painter in Southern California. Earning $10 per hour, I had a pretty good life for a single man with no money! Most of my spare-time was spent playing soccer or at the beach with my friends who also worked in the building trades. Any dreams of wealth in my life had evaporated.

Since I made the decision to treat my LegalShield business like a business, my life has completely changed. My income has increased every year for the past 18 years. Now I am blessed to earn a dependable six-figure income on an as-earned basis, and perhaps something worth more than money, I have control of my own time, something I had never dreamed of as a painter.

In 2005, I moved from Redondo Beach, California, to Minnesota. I spent a fantastic 10 years there building a strong business and making some amazing friends. In the summer of 2014, I decided it was time to get back to the ocean, so I made the move to Cocoa Beach, Florida. I love the fact that I can work from my home, which is a three-minute walk to the Atlantic Ocean and stunning beaches. Even better, my garden backs onto the Indian River. I love the fact that I can go fishing any time.

With LegalShield, I’ve earned many all-expenses paid vacations and visited other countries. That never would have happened as a painter.

Being part of LegalShield has changed my life and changed me. I love the mission. I love what personal development has taught me! I love the friends I have made, and oddly enough, I love going to work each day!

My goals for this year: 1) To be fit and healthy. 2) To be truly happy with myself and my life. 3) To earn the $400,000 Ring on an as-earned basis.

I want to thank Kevin McDaniels who gave me a chance no one had ever given me before; Ms. Kathy Pinson for standing by me so many times; Jason Lavender for guiding me through good and bad times; and Brian Parker, Todd Allen, Chip Humphrey and so many more. To my team and my friends—nothing happens without a team and without friends. To Mr. Stonecipher, thank you for your commitment to the dream of equal access to justice and the opportunity you gave each and every one of us. R.I.P. Mr. Sir.