Personal Development

Prior to LegalShield, I was the Vice President of Marketing for Jim Rohn International. Jim Rohn was a renowned speaker in the personal development industry and the mentor of Tony Robbins. I too share a passion for personal development and have had many opportunities to travel with Jim and many other notable speakers such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown and Mark Victor Hansen. All of them spoke regularly to network marketing companies all over the country. These opportunities allowed me to have first-hand knowledge of this industry. I was privy to the inner workings of many of these companies and passed on every opportunity until I found LegalShield. With LegalShield, I saw a company that offered a service that the majority of people in North America could use and offered an amazing compensation plan to those who sold the service.

Before I came to LegalShield, I was trading time for money. Now, I have time to travel. My intention for LegalShield is to continue to grow personally and to model servant leadership qualities to my organization and all individuals in LegalShield.

A special thanks goes to the following leaders within my organization: Frank and Theresa AuCoin, John and Elizabeth Gardner, Rodney and Thao Sommerville, (the late) Scott and Allison Chapin, Corey Muhammad, Ron and Norma Crutcher, Fard and Hannah Bell, Eugene Johnson, Amadi and Monique Boone and my good friends Jim and Bobbie Kugeler.

With LegalShield as the vehicle, my vision is to leave a legacy for my future families and the world.

I am thankful to our Creator for shining the LIGHT with this amazing opportunity