Business Owner

You’re either leveraging or being leveraged. Building a leveraged, residual-based income is the only thing that will ever give you freedom.

I want you to understand the price of giving your life to a corporate job or business that steals away the only life you have to live. My dad went into the hospital for a simple operation and ended up on life support; he never became fully conscious again and passed away two and a half years later. I never saw my dad in those final moments. I got there a few minutes too late; working for someone else cost me those final moments.

College plans were gone in an instant, out of no disrespect to my dad; he failed to plan for what happened after his passing. We had to get jobs to help Mom, and she had to go to work outside the home for the first time at age 45. What would your sudden passing do to your family? Will your passing affect their dreams for their lives? Your passing should be the only thing your family is grieving—not the loss and FEAR of the future, being thrown out of your home, financial devastation, everything gone in an instant, lives turned upside down.

My wife and I had been small business owners for 15 years before LegalShield; we never took a vacation. We could never leave the business. We started with LegalShield, got busy, and in six months hit the Executive Director level. After 15 years, we sold our business and retired my wife so she could be a full-time, stay-at-home mom.

Succeeding in your own home-based business is not a matter of whether you can; if you’re willing to make the decision and take action on owning your life—you can. You will never live your dream working for someone else with a job as your vehicle. Jobs are not designed to give you freedom, only a paycheck, and to fill the bank accounts of corporations and stockholders.

Saying “yes” to LegalShield, when my friends and family said, “Oh, you’re into one of those things,” was it worth it? For me, it was. It’s not about the money. It’s about what the money does for you. It buys your life back, and it returns liberty to you—the liberty to live your life each and every day. Your decision on how you evaluate the price of failure will affect the ones you love the most, long after you’re gone. Never count out a person that has a dream firmly rooted in their heart. When someone knows what they are fighting for, talent becomes secondary. That person goes out every day knowing what they are fighting for and plays from the heart, can overcome all odds and accomplish much more with much less skill or talent.

I know what I am fighting for. Do you? We started in 2005. Today in 2020, our debit balance is paid, and we are still getting paid daily, residual income from the best product anyone can own and the best compensation plan of any company you could invest your time into. Own your income and stop renting it. Do it now!