Benefits Broker
Business Owner
I was the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for a statewide benefits brokerage firm when Joe Campana kept asking me to look at Pre-Paid Legal. Four years went by and I never looked while VHS tapes and brochures piled up in my office.

I got to know Joe over that time and when he ran for a local political office, I gladly supported him. However, I still would not look at Pre-Paid Legal. When I left the benefits brokerage to start my own agency, there was Joe, professionally persistent as ever. I decided to go to this “meeting” just to tell him I saw it and no thanks. After the presentation, I immediately enrolled and put my Dad (a 40-year insurance professional) on my team.

Joe was my sponsor, a former Small Business Trainer, former Group Vice President and lastly the former Regional Vice President of Wisconsin until he passed away in 2014. Most of all, Joe had become a friend. Thank you, Joe, for everything you did for me and so many others; you were a true servant leader and are missed. Joe, along with my dad, who taught me the insurance business, are the reasons I’m successful today. This Ring and recognition are as much theirs as they are mine.

I learned firsthand from my Dad about leveraged and residual income, so when I saw how LegalShield worked, it just made sense. All I needed was to see a presentation. My Dad taught me how anything was possible, not only by his words but by his actions. Those lessons have served me well over my career. LegalShield is an excellent product for ANY type of insurance professional to include in their product portfolio.

I’ve been honored to have served in many different roles with LegalShield, from Regional Manager to Business Vice President of Wisconsin. Currently, I am serving as the Market Trainer for Minnesota and Wisconsin while sitting on our company’s General Agent Advisory Council.

What I treasure most about my time with LegalShield is the relationships I’ve built with others that transcend business.

Going to our conventions is more like a family reunion. I have made close friends with other LegalShield Associates from New Hampshire to Hawaii and everywhere in between. We get together with them and their families often, not only on our incentive trips, but in our home and visiting them in theirs.

Lastly, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with whom all things are possible. I also want to thank my wife Tammy. Without her support, understanding and patience I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the level of success I have achieved. The best is yet to come!