Business Owner
Bob was a small business owner, and Susan had been a physical therapist of 30 years when the LegalShield opportunity was presented to them in 2010. Even as business professionals, finding the extra income to put three kids through college was difficult, especially as Susan was hoping to retire or change careers. LegalShield provided an opportunity to do both!

We launched our business with 100% excitement and effort. Just 47 days later, we were Directors with a team of 38 people. We were coachable and learned quickly from our sponsors that this was one of the most important qualities needed for success. We had a great deal to learn, but we were excited!

Eighteen months later, Susan was able to retire from her job. It took a few more years of focused, consistent effort to become Executive Directors, something we did not achieve alone, but as a team.

One of the greatest gifts this business has given us has been the ability to put three kids through college without any debt. This business truly allows us to set our own schedule. We were able visit our daughter in Europe for six weeks, and we continued to get daily deposits because we had decided to build a team. Achieving our first Ring was a great accomplishment, but we now have our sights set on helping other team members earn their Rings and realize their dreams.