Business Owner

It is an honor to be LegalShield Associates! As LegalShield’s founder Harland C. Stonecipher always said, we get to “make a living and make a difference!”

Susan Marie had followed in her father’s footsteps and become an attorney. She practiced law for 12 years in New Mexico before a librarian had the guts to ask her out for lunch and introduce her to LegalShield!

Susan Marie’s two daughters, Hope and Rose, were one and three years old when that happened. Susan Marie immediately saw the value in the LegalShield membership; she likes to say, “There wouldn’t be much I or any individual attorney could do for someone for $24.95 a month, let alone for the entire family, nationwide, the way a LegalShield Membership can!”

Because she plugged into events, conventions and resources offered by LegalShield, she caught the vision and never looked back! Within about a year, LegalShield became her full-time endeavor! Today, 18 years later, her daughters have never known her to work outside the home because of this business!

Curtis spent 38 years as a portrait and commercial photographer, having grown up in Oregon. While he enjoyed a very successful career, the industry had changed so much, and he found himself working more hours and making less money!

One of his clients introduced him to LegalShield, and he immediately saw the incredible value. He likes to say that he is a product of the product! It was at a business briefing that Curtis and Susan Marie met and as they say, the rest is history!

Together, Curtis and Susan Marie have a beautiful blended family of six children and two sons-in-law, of which four are LegalShield Associates. They say that it is incredibly rewarding to be able to share the concepts of leveraged and residual income with their children—to be able to create a living legacy that they experienced while being raised, from which they can continue to benefit, and into which they can continue to pour, is a unique and powerful thing.

One of the things Hope and Rose would tell you they like best about their mom having been a part of LegalShield is the trips! Thanks to LegalShield, they have had opportunities to travel, and they have had a chance to know leaders and growth-oriented associates who have made lasting positive impressions. The ability to be around the LegalShield Associate “family” and the consistent emphasis throughout those affiliations on personal development has been an invaluable contribution to the family.

“We know that if our family and our team are growing, they’ll reap rewards that far exceed the income that’s also available with LegalShield.” They are eternally grateful for Mary Weaver who introduced Susan Marie to LegalShield and for Lance Kamstra who introduced Curtis to it! “Imagine the life-changing impact you could make for so many people just because YOU shared with them!? That’s what keeps us LegalShield for life!”