Business Owner

As a salon owner, I heard lots of stories about life events. I joined LegalShield because it made sense and I HAD to share a $25 solution with clients who paid more than that for one nail service.

I was no stranger to hard work: 10-hour days with no paid sick leave or vacation time or retirement plan. LegalShield became my obvious plan B, as I knew I could create a true residual income. Who knew that “retirement” income would come about eight years later when my book of business started to pay me whether I got out of bed or not?

Performance Club has been the key, never missing a month in over 16 years and having earned an extra $90,000 in bonuses, not counting the yearly trips I’ve qualified for. I am debt free. I can save or invest more than 30% of my income. I have the time to volunteer weekly, learn Spanish and other skills to generate other streams of income. Being retired means doing what you want, for how long you want, with whom you want and not worrying about money.

I am glad I looked at this business, and I always remember to “show” people what we do and not “tell” them. We never know how a person can change their life with the right information.