Business Owner

I have always had a desire to become a successful entrepreneur. Seeing my father struggling financially in his retirement was a wake-up call that I needed to put my future in my own hands and develop multiple streams of income.

I was introduced to LegalShield while I was a college student pursuing my business degree. It became the vehicle that enabled me to transition to becoming a full-time entrepreneur in my mid-20s and to develop the skills that helped me succeed in business and in life.

Thanks to the life that this business model allows us to live, I am able to pursue my passion for speaking and helping organizations develop their next generation of leaders. This opportunity has helped me become an international keynote speaker, publish two books on leadership and be featured in publications such as USA Today, Kiplinger and the New York Times.

One of the greatest values this company offers is personal development and positive associations. Being part of this community of like-minded achievers has helped me grow from a student into a teacher, from a follower into a leader and from a borrower into an investor. The beauty of network marketing is that your success is based on helping other people reach their goals. By adding value to others, developing leaders and building a successful team culture, you can create a leveraged income that isn’t dependent on you.

I am grateful for all the team members who have been a part of this entrepreneurial journey, as well as the mentors who coached me along the way. Our best days are still ahead of us! Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.