Twenty-one years ago, my life changed dramatically. I came so close to the edge of missing what would come to be a life-changing experience. Getting involved with LegalShield took me off the intersection of “Mediocre Boulevard and Complacent Avenue.” While working I realized every year someone else was directing my life, so I decided to STOP THE MADNESS.

Over the last year my father has had some serious health challenges. As a direct result of LegalShield, I can spend time with him and handle all his medical needs. The best part is, I don’t need to get permission from anyone. For me this is a blessing because scripture says, “Honor your Mother and Father so that your days may be longer upon the face of the earth.”

This business will allow you to have a serious impact on the lives of others. All you need to do is have a burning desire for success and be willing to help people to grow and develop. With LegalShield, you can have anything you want if you are intentional and go after it with intensity and integrity.

My journey has been an incredible one, and I have built some phenomenal relationships along the way. My success is a direct result of my Heavenly Father, my INCREDIBLE Team D.R.I.V.E.N. family, STRONG Shield Nation leadership and the many people who have poured into my life. I thank you for always being there and believing that all things are possible when you put God first. My 2020 goal is to help as many people as possible live life on their own terms. This WILL be an AMAZING YEAR with NO limits and NO boundaries!