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“It just makes sense for me to check with my lawyer before making important decisions that affect my family and business.”
Kenyatta Turner

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LegalShield Impacts Millions of Lives

LegalShield pioneered affordable legal plans over 45 years ago. In the years since our founding, we’ve helped millions of individuals and businesses protect their rights.

4.4 Million

The number of people protected by Legalshield

1.7 Million

The number of requests for legal services in 2019

35+ Thousand

The number of businesses protected by Legalshield

A Collection of Member Success Stories

The following stories illustrate how members have used Legalshield to save themselves and their families money, time and unnecessary stress.

Traffic Ticket

I received a traffic ticket the first part of March for suspended registration. I had no idea of the situation until the officer took my plates and wrote me  Show more

Estate Planning

My mother is facing very major surgery, and I am the primary decision-maker in her Living Will if she becomes incapacitated. Being under. Show more


I had an issue with my landlord so I called LegalShield. My LegalShield attorney wrote a letter to try to mediate the issue and the landlord. Show more

Car Accident

A man backed into my car in a [convenience store] parking lot. His insurance company refused to pay for my damages because he lied about his being at fault. Show more

Consumer Debt

We took advantage of a no-interest due for a one-year deal at a local retail store. After I paid off the full amount, I got a bill for almost $300 in interest. Show more

Phone Company

On February 27th, my {provider attorney} written a letter to my cell phone company. I had made a payment to them and they had applied it to the wrong. Show more

LegalShield Charitable Giving

LegalShield is proud to support the following charities.

American Heart Association.
American Cancer Society
United Way

LegalShield Awards

LegalShield has created a service first culture and has received the following awards and recognition.

Best Places to Work
- Direct Selling News
Best Online Legal Services for Small Business
– Chamber of Commerce

LegalShield in the News

LegalShield’s plans have been featured in the following media outlets.