Life is interesting how it pans out.

Being 18 years old and going out into the world, I thought I was above a network marketing thing. Well the truth is that nothing I ever could have set out to do would have been better, and through a divine appointment, the good Lord above knew where I needed to be.

When I was 21 years old, we had a family event that changed my life forever. I’m thankful I could assist my mom and fall in love with what would become my career. At 23, I was still figuring things out because sometimes it’s better to be consistent and master your craft. I had a child, my reason to do this thing even bigger, my reason to not quit on the days that everything would fall completely apart. My biggest fan started watching, and I was bound and determined to not let him down. Since age 25, I have made no less than $80,000 a year, and as a single momma, this is HUGE! Anyone reading this who is dependent on someone else to dictate your life, you too can take a different road. This vehicle is something to master because it can lead you to a life of more than just getting by. My future is looking brighter thanks to residual income.

Most importantly, I’ve been sculpted into someone I’m so proud to see in the mirror, and I’m surrounded by business partners who make me want take it to the next level and continuously strive to make a difference while making a living.

You can make excuses when adversity hits or you cannot get ahead by sitting on your behind. I choose to rise daily. Some days I don’t know how or what in me allowed me to do it because I have failed every which way. But I can promise you when faith outweighs fear and you become your best, God just shows out and goes above your expectations. Being born as a child of God, you deserve the desires of your heart go get it. If we live for one, we live for self. If we live for others, we can choose to live for many. If we are our brother’s keeper and we keep our servant’s towel large, our outcome of success is abundant.

Do not grow weary in doing good works for in due season you will reap your harvest.