I started my LegalShield business in December 2001. This opportunity was shared with me by a friend who insisted that I take a look. To my surprise, it has been a game changer!

As my background was in corporate America, in management and small business, I worked tons of hours with only hourly pay to show for my efforts. After one year with LegalShield, we reached the Executive Director position then moved on to Bronze and Silver. Along the way, my family and I have enjoyed many perks from LegalShield as the company has paid for four vacations; two were to Cancun. We’ve earned many bonuses. Because of LegalShield, I am able to work from home. And now having received our $50,000 Ring, we know that we can help others accomplish the same! Our goal this year is to earn the $100,000 Ring, allowing my wife, Sharon, to retire from her job of more than 25 years. From here, there are no limits. Financial opportunity is here at our fingertips.

What a blessing from God it is to work with people you love, help people you know or don’t know, have a noble cause and get compensated for it. And lastly, I thank God for an incredible company here at LegalShield and all the Home Office staff, the leadership of Team NuVision and the incredible organization that is with me.