I thank God for bringing me to LegalShield. A college buddy of mine showed me the membership, and I immediately bought it and became an associate. However, it wasn’t until after I had triple bypass surgery two years later in 2012 and was uncertain to what the future—if there even was a future—would have for me that I became serious about the business.

One of the things I enjoy most about my association with LegalShield has been meeting so many like-minded people, people who share similar dreams to get more out of life and have been willing to help me along my way. Without their help and guidance, I wouldn’t be where I’m today.

I am a blessed man and want to bless others with this great company called LegalShield. I am forever grateful to God for giving me another day to serve my purpose. I have big goals for this year, with the $100,000 Ring at the top of the list. I am looking forward to an amazing year and know more than ever that now is the time.

Helping others with LegalShield is my life’s passion now. My extreme thanks goes to my team and all the LegalShield family. I know that my best days are ahead of me with this company, and I fully intend to ride it to the very top. The best is yet to come!