Business Owner

When I started my LegalShield business in 2006, I had already been very successful in several careers. I am a retired U.S. Marine. I spent more than six years in law enforcement in San Diego, and I was a real estate broker for over 20 years. I was living a great life in San Diego. Then the real estate market started to crash, I got divorced, went from being a multi-millionaire down to a “thousandaire,” and realized that I needed to start all over again. It is very true that nothing happens by accident and everything happens for a reason. It is also true that personal development is one of the most important things that we constantly need to do because no matter what type of adversity that you face in life, if you have great personal development, great mentors and role models, you can overcome anything! And through great adversity comes great success! During some of my greatest struggles when many doors closed, God opened the door called LegalShield!

LegalShield allows me to help change lives and save lives every day, by giving people all across North America the ability to have access and equal justice under law. As LegalShield Associates, we stand at the crossroads of history as we create a legacy that we will leave behind for many generations. We truly owe a debt of gratitude to Harland and Shirley Stonecipher that we can never repay! We have incredible corporate leadership, we have incredible field leadership and most importantly we have an obligation and an opportunity to change our families’ financial history forever!

My 2020 goals are to help as many associates on my team as possible achieve the Executive Director level through at least six Executive Director organizations! I will help at least 10 associates on my team become Ring Earners and earn their $50,000 Rings or higher! I will qualify as a Platinum Executive Director and begin the journey to qualify for the prestigious LegalShield Platinum World Council and live the Platinum World life and build a legacy with my new wife, Kathleen Gonzales-Agurs, whom I met in this incredible business!