Business Owner

We started our LegalShield journey in 1998 when we attended a business briefing and saw the incredible opportunity before us. We decided right then that this was the business that we had been looking and praying for! We were in debt, so we worked hard on our LegalShield business on a part-time basis. But after a while, the money was so good that we both left our former careers to pursue LegalShield full-time. After about six years of building our business, the Lord blessed us with our first child, Preston.

At that point, we didn’t have to make a decision about whether Tonya would stay home with the baby and quit her job because she was already home. We had already built a steady six-figure income, from home! We spent the next 10 years building our LegalShield business, traveling with our LegalShield family and taking family vacations. Preston has traveled with us, both across the United States and internationally, and he has a passion for geography as a result.

In 2015, the Lord blessed us with a second son, Noah, and once again, we didn’t have to make a decision about whether Tonya should quit a job or hire daycare provider because we are continuing to earn a multiple six-figure income from home with LegalShield.

Tony works from home and spends more time with our boys in a week than the average dad does in a month. Because of LegalShield, there are no limits to spend time with loved ones.

Residual income gives you freedom and peace of mind! It allows you to give back and to help people. We love being involved with different ministries and charities. We are passionate about building a Christ-centered, firm foundation for our family that is surrounded by a financial wall of security through LegalShield. The Lord has truly blessed our business. We are so thankful to LegalShield’s staff, our provider attorneys and fellow associates. And it is very difficult to put into words what a great privilege it is to be part of such an AMAZING TEAM and the family relationship we all have! And even though we have had an incredible journey so far, we still know the best is yet to come!