For 10 years as an underwriter with an Insurance company. I was working feverish hours and so was my husband, Jeremiah, who continues to work as a freight truck driver with FedEx. We were like two ships passing in the night. No time for each other or our children, Jeremiah Jr. and Tatiana. Vacations just didn’t exist.

As I continued to work my job, we were informed that the company was going through major financial problems and that bankruptcy was inevitable. How does the “billion-dollar” insurance company of the world go bankrupt? Well, they did. It was at that time the phrase “too big to fail” was coined because the government bailed the company out to the tune of $88 billion. Shortly thereafter, I witnessed the job loss of several of my longtime friends and colleagues. While my job had been spared, I didn’t feel totally secure or fortunate because I knew that could have easily been me. I didn’t like the fact that a company I worked for had total control over the livelihood and more importantly the well-being of my family.

I told God I needed a plan B, and by his grace, LegalShield came into our lives exactly one week later. Now we have our plan A! We had the membership in 1999, and used it several times successfully for a couple of years but don’t know why we didn’t keep it. Oddly enough, we never knew about the business until my niece and nephew introduced it to us. After 16 successful months of working my LegalShield business, I told my husband I wanted to go full-time. We agreed, adjusted and never looked back. Now we can vacation every year, sometimes twice a year.

Having your family in business with you successfully is an incredible feeling! I enjoy making my own schedule, working with whom I choose and the love and genuine camaraderie of our extended LegalShield family across the country. LegalShield has opened the door to real independence and given us a platform from which to build upon. We see the vision, and we are on our way. We are also proud to teach our children the world of network marketing and leveraged income. We are extremely humbled having achieved our $150,000 Ring! We are marching on to making 5,000 personal membership sales, earning our next Ring level of $200,000, being a part of the Platinum World Council and soon to be Millionaire Club Members! We are the Macks, and we are just getting started as the best is yet to come!