Real Estate
I was born in Detroit and live in Birmingham, Michigan. I have a son, Logan, and have been a single mother his whole life. Before LegalShield, I was marketing my jewelry/home accessories designs and selling real estate. I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit, even as a kid.

I was very fortunate to be introduced to LegalShield in 2006, when Logan had just turned 10 years old and from that moment on our lives changed. It has been a fabulous journey. LegalShield means so much to me and my family.

I fell in love with the legal and identity theft services, and I saw the opportunity in the group market and immediately started to call on companies. Failure was not an option for me; I had people depending on me. I had to succeed, not only for my son, but for my mother too. I think the best words to describe me are driven and ambitious. The word “can’t” is not in my vocabulary. I believe anything is possible. You have to want it badly enough and see the vision even before you get there.

My LegalShield business schedule allowed me the time to volunteer at my son’s school, be a “room mom” in his class, and attend all his field trips and activities. We joined a swim club where we enjoyed our summers by the pool, and I was also able to have my mother, who had health issues, live with us.

By showing my son how hard work, dedication, passion, integrity and great work ethic have made me successful, he has learned the importance of these qualities. I have built my business in the group market. My business is based on building friendships and relationships.

I was able to take off six weeks to be with my mother during the time she was in the hospital and hospice. I was also able to buy a home on my own in one of the best cities in the country. I have taken the opportunity that LegalShield gives us and made myself an independent women who can take care of others and bless many with our service.

My mother made me promise to never give up my ambition and dreams when she passed away, and I haven’t. My ambition and dreams are even stronger now than ever because I continue to build my business for my son and in my mother’s memory, opening new groups, going on amazing trips and making great friends along the way.