Business Owner
Bob Levy has always had an instinct for recognizing cutting-edge trends. In the late 1960s, he co-founded one of the first stores in the south that sold bell-bottoms, The Merry Go Round Boutique, which grew to over 1,000 stores, nationwide! Bob and his wife, Vickie, went on to found, develop and sell several other businesses in Atlanta over the years.

In the fall of 1998, they were introduced to LegalShield. Bob realized that the membership could have saved him thousands of dollars throughout his business career. He wanted to be a part of this company that was making history by changing the way legal services are delivered in America.

When Bob and Vickie first started their own LegalShield business, Vickie had recently taken a corporate position with UPS Logistics, but they both worked their LegalShield business part-time. They started right away building a team of associates and later began marketing the service as a group employee benefit. As a leader in group sales, Bob was offered the position of Vice President of Group Marketing for Georgia in 2001 and served as Group Trainer through 2011.

Vickie took an early retirement from UPS in 2003, to join Bob full-time in the business. They achieved the level of Silver Executive Director that November, and by March 2004, they had earned the $100,000 Ring. In March 2013, they were surprised by a call from the Corporate Office, telling them they were being inducted into the Millionaire Club.

Bob and Vickie have qualified for the Performance Club every month since its inception. With their monthly bonus, plus the residual income they earn, they moved into a beautiful North Georgia mountain cabin. “We now have the time to enjoy our lives with our family and friends, and we can generate income offering LegalShield plans and sharing the opportunity wherever we go, no matter what our age,” they say.

Bob and Vickie’s “why” has always been their grandson, Matthew, who is serving in the U.S. Air Force. Bob says, “Matthew grew up with the LegalShield family and the personal development culture has been phenomenal to his character. He traveled with us on every Performance Club vacation until he went in the military. We are very proud that Matthew has decided to serve his country.

“We are thankful for our wonderful team, especially Charlie Fowler and Sherranda and Lewis Ivey and their powerful organizations, including Terri and her team. We are especially grateful for Mike, Steve and Kim Melia for showing us the way to build a successful business,” says Bob.

“We have tremendous respect for Nick and Gayle Serba. They have been a rock to our Georgia LegalShield Associates! We are also very proud of and appreciate our Georgia provider law firm. The firm and their team are dedicated to delivering the very best service possible to our members!

“We shall never forget our founders, Shirley and Harland Stonecipher, who truly pioneered this industry through their vision and sacrifice. We are honored to continue their dream to provide access to equal justice for everyone. We still believe, like them, that the product we have is unique, important and one of the best opportunities in North America to earn a living, while making a difference.”