In my 25th year with LegalShield, I remain humbled by the success I’ve had since 1995. When I started, LegalShield had only been licensed in Texas for weeks. Associates had to pass a gnarly test with no study guide! It took two or three weeks to get a license, so we couldn’t make money right away.

I’ve always related to those two vultures on that T-shirt sitting on a telephone line where one says to the other: “Patience? Nawww, I’m gonna kill something!” So I grabbed my first recruit, future Silver Executive Director Michael Denton and said, “We’re bound for Louisiana!”

He said “Why?”

I replied, “No license required, and I gotta CLOSE somebody!”

We headed to Shreveport with our hair on fire. No training. No training manual. Nothing but a pile of brochures and a certainty that I could sell LegalShield to any man from any land for any amount he could count on any day he could say. I BELIEVED!

How’d we do? First day: RE-JECTED, E-JECTED, everything but A-RRESTED! We called on every kind of business imaginable! Even got snookered into some kind of revival meeting style vacuum cleaner sales training where all we heard was suckers yelling “Yo Ha!” followed by “Yo Ho!” After 30 seconds, I yelled to Denton, “Let’s get out of here!”

I don’t do “Yo Ho.”

Day two we hit it harder n’ algebra till noon. The score? Business owners: 42. Rhone and Denton: 0.

After lunch, I had absolutely nothing to lose, so I walked into a restaurant and found Cornelius Ball who bought a membership. We were unstoppable after that!

Second half of day two through day three? Rhone and Denton: 42. Business owners: 0!

We closed six B2B sales in the next 24 hours! If each sale was a touchdown, I scored six times! (7 x 6 touchdowns = 42 points!). Mad Hatter’s Duct Cleaning Service even offered to set up a group meeting with their employees! But I turned them down because I had never heard of group sales. Arrrrrgh!

Driving back, Michael Ray Denton asked why we’d made the trip since my commissions barely equaled our expenses. I said, “Because one day, when I’m a Platinum Executive Director training 15,000 associates at an International convention, I will ALWAYS have this story to tell about how I began my multi-million-dollar career with LegalShield!” That statement came true. I have earned millions. And I’ve had the time of my life doing it.

I now live in both Dallas and Los Angeles. I just bought a new Airstream Globetrotter for when I’m in LA with my new puppy, Pomeranian Polo.pom, working as a composer, producer and screenwriter with Sony, writing and producing the world’s first Lullaby Channel for children and literally living my lifelong dream—never having to work again but still loving to work!

The key to my success? LegalShield works ... when you do.