Business Owner

As the son of a business owner, I recognized early on the advantages of being self-employed. I began a windshield repair business in my early 20s, and later added LegalShield to build a residual income. I juggled both jobs for years—meaning a variety of days (and clothing changes because it’s hard to fix a windshield in business attire!)

As I began to dedicate more of my time, energy and passion to the business, I soon achieved my first financial family goal, which allowed my wife, Kimberly, to work part-time and stay at home with our children, Turner and Mollie Beth. Meeting another financial goal in 2012 allowed us to take a leap of faith and relocate our family from North Carolina to Virginia.

At that time, I began working LegalShield full-time.

When asked what it is I love about my work, I say I love that every day is different. I love that I get to meet new people, help protect families, offer a phenomenal service, get inspired by and inspire others. I enjoy being in charge of my own schedule so that I can be a plugged-in father and attend games, concerts and camp-outs. And I continue to love the clothing changes. Some days it’s all business attire, but many days it’s also the scout uniform or a baseball hat and glove while I coach, but every day is an opportunity. I am grateful for LegalShield!