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The Legal Guide to Getting Married

Getting Married? We’ve Outlined Legal Issues to Consider

Getting married involves more than planning the wedding. You might want to consider a prenuptial agreement—what would that entail? You’ll need to think about what your new last name will be and how to update your legal identification documents. If you have children, you’re probably thinking about how to legally manage their last names as well.

Do you have a Will? We highly recommend updating it to reflect these exciting life changes. Knowing what you need to do before and after the wedding will help you enjoy this new chapter of life without fretting over the details. Here, we’ll break down each big legal consideration of marriage so you can easily keep your head above water. 

A young woman cooking
A young woman cooking

Download the “I Do” Checklist Covering Critical Legal Items that Often Get Overlooked.

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A young woman cooking
A young woman cooking

Start Your Marriage Off on the Right Foot Knowing You’ve Checked the Legal Boxes


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