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 September 04, 2017

7 Legal Tips for Disputing an Incorrect Bill

Young man disputing an incorrect bill using his laptop

It is important for consumers to review their monthly bills to ensure accuracy. Mistakes can easily show up on utility and cell phone bills, and correcting those charges in a timely manner can save you a great deal of money and stress, The following tips will help you correct any errors you may find.

1. Know your contract terms and billing rates. Remember, your LegalShield provider law firm can review your contract and help you understand legal jargon that can sometimes make such documents confusing.

2. Whether you manage your bills online or with paper, check the amount you owe each month and the details to make sure they are consistent from month to month. Utility bills will likely fluctuate based on the season, but cable and phone bills should be fairly consistent.

3. When you notice an error, call the customer service line on your bill right away. Have a copy of your current bill and contract with you.

4. Take note of the time of your call and the name of any representatives you speak with.

5. If a representative cannot assist you, politely ask to speak with a manager who has the authority to correct the mistake.

6. Ask for confirmation of the correction in writing. Having a written record will help you if the problem is not corrected or happens again later.

7. If customer service cannot provide you with a satisfactory solution or you continue to get the run-around, call your LegalShield provider law firm. A lawyer will be happy to assist you with your matter.


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