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Legal Solutions to Frustrating Financial Problems

Whether it’s a billing dispute with a utility company, an argument with a home contractor or a scary audit by the IRS, problems that involve your money can create a tremendous amount of stress. 

For as little as $24.95 per month, you can get legal advice to help you handle financial fights from a position of power and even have a provider attorney write a letter or make a phone call to protect your rights as a consumer.

Legal Protection for Consumer Law Matters

Your personal legal plan allows you to contact your provider attorney to get legal advice for any personal legal matter related to consumer law.

Consumer Disputes

Health & Car Insurance
Utility Companies
Home Contractors

Debt Disputes

Credit Card Debt
Student Loans
Collection Agency Harassment
Medical Billing

Tax Problems

IRS Audits
Tax Refunds
Tax Liens
Back Taxes

Marriage & Divorce

Prenuptial Agreements
Child Support
Estate Planning for Couples

Insurance Disputes

Health Insurance
Car Insurance
Home and Renters Insurance
Life Insurance

Real Estate

Security Deposits
Property Damage
Real Estate Contracts
Stop Financial Harassment & Protect Your Rights
Plans Start at Only $24.95 Per Month

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Negotiate from a Position of Power

Large organizations sometimes hide behind layers of bureaucracy and rely on corporate policies designed to demoralize customers until they give up. One of the most powerful things you can do is to speak with a provider attorney about your consumer law matter. An experienced attorney can help you understand the law and your rights, so you can negotiate from a position of power.

The negotiation dynamic can change dramatically if you contact a company armed with legal knowledge and strategy. When you join LegalShield, you can speak with a provider attorney regarding consumer finance an an unlimited number of personal legal issues. 

Don’t let big organizations push you around and stress you out. Get access to a provider law firm who can help you with these personal consumer law matters.

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Gain Clarity About Confusing Documents & Infuriating Policies

Many financial disputes involve electronic or written documents that dictate the rules for resolution. However, most people never read the terms and conditions of the online agreements they sign and government forms can seem like they were purposely designed to be confusing. The paperwork used by banks and car companies can appear as if they were written in an alien language.

Having a clear understanding of the legal elements and policies included in documents relevant to the financial issue you’re facing is an important first step in relieving stress and resolving the situation.

A LegalShield personal legal plan allows you to send any personal legal documents, up to 15 pages each, to your provider attorney for review and feedback. There is no additional fee for this valuable benefit and you can submit documents right through our smartphone app.

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Have a Provider Attorney Fight For Your Rights 

While it’s great to get legal advice, sometimes you need the authoritative voice of an attorney to get results. For example, a provider attorney calling a collection agency that’s harassing you about a medical bill or writing a letter to your health insurance company on their firm letterhead usually gets better results than you sending yet another email to customer service.

LegalShield personal legal plan benefits include having your provider attorney write letters and make phone calls on your behalf. Whether you’re already at your wits end or you'd rather not even get involved in the first place, you can take a deep breath and let our provider attorneys handle consumer law disputes, IRS tax audits and a variety of other common personal legal issues for you.

Michael B.
Florida Member
LegalShield saved me over $300 by writing a letter to [my internet provider], getting me out of a 24-month contract due to several issues. [My provider law firm] is also helping me out with my Will! Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I join can I use the plan?

You can use your plan as soon as your membership application is reviewed and your account is set up. The review process takes 12 - 24 hours (or less) from the moment you purchase your plan (on regular business days). Once accepted, you can be in contact with an attorney in 4 hours or less and begin to use the plan benefits and member perks outlined in the membership agreement right away.

Can an attorney really help with relatively small financial disputes over things like a phone or medical bill?

If you’ve tried to resolve a situation yourself and have reached what seems like a dead end, call your attorney. They can provide advice that may make your next attempt more successful. If that’s does not work, your attorney can take over and handle the issue for you. Either way, you win, for a fraction of normal attorney’s fees.

What if I get sued or need to take someone to court to resolve my consumer finance issue?

All personal plans from LegalShield include trial defense representation if you or a covered spouse is a named defendant in a civil suit. You get 60 hours of attorney time during your first year and it increases each of the first five years until you max out at 300 hours. 

Should you and your attorney deem it necessary to file suit against an individual or organization, you can hire your attorney to represent you at trial for 25% off of their standard hourly rates.

How much can I save with a membership?

The average attorney in the US charges between $150 - $400 per hour. If you use your membership for even just a few hours a year you could easily save over $1000. If you have a bunch of small legal issues or one rather complicated issue, you can easily save multiple thousands of dollars over hiring an attorney directly. Not to mention the stress you’ll save by having an attorney on call instead of trying to handle legal issues yourself. Also, the attorneys in our network often help our members recover thousands of dollars of damages or avoid thousands of dollars in fees over what they would have experienced had they tried to resolve the legal issue themselves. Obviously every member and usage situation is different, but when used correctly, your membership can easily save significant amounts of money. Not to mention savings from our member perks.

Who is covered under the Personal Plan?

Our Personal Plan is really a family plan. You, your spouse or partner and your dependents living at home are covered under one membership.

There is more information about this on the Personal Plan Coverage & Pricing Page.

Colin C.
Washington Member
[My provider lawyer] was great to work with. He listened and very quickly understood exactly what happened to us at the [local car] dealership. The letter he composed was enough to leverage the dealership to step up and take responsibility for their shortcomings during the service of the vehicle. Thank to [my provider lawyer] the dealership agreed to provide the 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. Thank you!
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