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The Benefits of Having a Legal Plan

  • LegalShield offers plans to cover yourself, your family or your business. 
  • Personal legal plans starts at $24.95 per month.
  • Small business legal plans start at $49.00 per month.
  • Speak with your attorney on an unlimited number of legal issues.
  • Have a provider attorney review legal documents or contracts.
  • Get better results by having a provider attorney make calls and write letters on your behalf.

How Our Legal Plans Work

How it works - Step 1
How it works - Step 1

Pick and Purchase the Right Plan

Protect your family for as little as $24.95 per month or cover your small business with plans starting at $49.00. Once you purchase a plan, your account will be set up and your benefits will become active within one business day.

View personal plan details View small business plan details

How it works - Step 2
How it works - Step 2

Download Our App and Get Legal Help

The LegalShield App is like having a law firm in your pocket. You can call or email your provider attorney, upload documents and so much more, right from your smartphone.

  • Attorneys return calls in 4 business hours or less
  • Covered contracts and documents reviewed in 3 business days or less
  • Click to connect in 15 minutes or less during legal emergencies
  • Get 25% off your provider attorney's standard hourly rates for any legal work you need which is not covered under the plan. 

While the consultation and 25% discounted hourly rate benefit can apply to covered pre-existing legal issues, our legal plans offer a  number of valuable benefits that can apply to future legal matters over the long-term.

How it works - Step 3
How it works - Step 3

Proactively Protect Your Future

With a LegalShield legal plan, you have the power to stop procrastination and tackle your task list

  • Get a Last Will & Testament prepared in 5 business days or less.
  • Have business documents reviewed and returned within 3 days.
  • Let your attorney handle a speeding ticket to reduce fines and points.
  • Get disputes with utility companies, tenants and anyone else resolved.
  • Have your attorney write letters or make calls to collect a debt.

Whether your legal issue is big or small, a LegalShield plan lets you get legal advice, have documents reviewed and more to protect yourself or your business. 

How it works - Step 4
How it works - Step 4

Cover the Cost of Your Membership by Using Member Perks

All Legalshield plans include access to member discounts on up to 450+ popular brands like Verizon, Major League Baseball, Sketchers and HP. Many members enjoy discounts on products and services they're already using that add up to more than their monthly plan fee. Learn more about member perks.

Pick the Right Plan for Your Needs


Starting at $24.95 per month


Starting at $49.00 per month

The Most Popular Plan Benefits

Here are the most common ways members use their legal plans.

Advice & Consultation
Unlimited Consultation

Call your attorney anytime you need legal advice and they will call you back in 4 hours or less.

Document Review
Review Documents

Upload documents and contracts you need reviewed and get feedback in 3 business days or less.

Document Templates
Document Templates

Download legal templates and have your attorney review them for accuracy and completeness.

Letters & Calls
Letter Writing

Have your attorney resolve disputes by writing letters or making calls on your behalf.

Trial Defense
Gavel icon

Have your attorney spend up to 300 hours defending your rights at covered civil trials.

25% Discount
piggy bank icon

Hire a provider attorney for additional legal work at 25% off their standard personal or corporate hourly rates.

Member Perks
Member Perks

Enjoy discounts from over 450+ well known brands and save more than the cost of your legal plan.

Emergency Legal Help
Scales of justice icon

Have 24/7/365 emergency access to consultation with a provider attorney for covered personal legal emergencies under a Personal Legal Plan.

Purchase a Plan


Starting at $24.95 per month


Starting at $49.00 per month

About LegalShield

Legalshield pioneered the concept of prepaid legal plans over 45 years ago and continues to lead the industry with innovative products and services.


Legalshield protects over 4.5 million individuals and families and 1.7 million businesses.


Legalshield has a well vetted network of 39 partner law firms with attorneys that average 22 years of experience.


LegalShield legal plans provide coverage and legal support to members across the US and Canada (except for Quebec, Canada where legal plans are offered by a Québec law firm, presently NextGen CC&C Avocats Inc.).

LegalShield has been great! Easy and convenient. It's the same feeling when you suddenly have health insurance and can now take care of all those things you would just cope with before. I don't have to guess if I am doing the right thing with important documents anymore! Adulting like a boss!
Carson H.
Florida Member
Compare and Save

Law firms charge hundreds of dollars an hour for services covered by a LegalShield plan. Select your state and an area of law below to see average hourly rates for attorneys in your area.

Sound too good to be true? Learn more about our plan details.


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