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 December 01, 2022

Legal Tips for Traveling this Holiday Season

Woman holiday traveler wearing Santa Claus hat looking at airport flight status board.

The holidays are here again! Thanks to a safer travel environment this year, many people are planning to visit friends and family this holiday season. Are you one of them? If so, you are probably busy checking calendars, booking tickets, and packing gifts and essentials for your next adventure. It’s an exciting time!

But with holiday travel, it’s easy to get a holiday headache as well.

Fortunately, our provider lawyers are able to help answer these questions! LegalShield Provider Lawyer Ben Farrow of Anderson, Williams and Farrow LLC, in Montgomery, Alabama, has weighed in with his advice on how a LegalShield plan can help protect you during travel hassles. Let’s see what he has to say:

1. Get legal help if your trip is canceled.

For you to be able to receive legal help, cancelations usually have to be caused by a third party or event, not simply because you have changed your mind. You have access to receive help from your LegalShield lawyer in the event of illness, injury or death of a close family member or traveling companion, military deployment or civil unrest, or a serious family emergency. Your LegalShield team is on your side!

2. Receive legal assistance in the event of travel delay.

When you have been delayed for four to six hours, travel delay coverage provides reimbursement. You can receive reimbursement for expenses like food, lodging, and local transportation that were required due to the delay. Your LegalShield plan provides access to legal assistance for delay reasons such as severe weather, airline maintenance, and more.

3. Be ready for legal issues caused by lost or delayed luggage.

Luggage must be missing for a certain amount of time before it is considered lost. Knowing those limits will help you keep a steady mind in the wait time. Your LegalShield plan allows you to receive some emergency items if your bag is delayed. Meanwhile, if your bag is officially lost, you’ll be reimbursed for the value of what you packed up to your airline policy’s limits!

4. Know the value of what you are packing.

Some high-value items may not be covered under your airline policy. If you are packing expensive objects like cameras, jewelry, computers and other electronics, these may hit the upper limits of your airline policy’s coverage. Other items include mobile phones, smartwatches, laptops, iPads, etc. As you pack your luggage, make wise choices about its contents.

As you prepare to travel this holiday season, don’t let the worries of potential problems keep you from enjoying the process. Having a LegalShield lawyer in your back pocket will be a huge help! Your lawyer can explain your rights, make phone calls and draft emails, review documents, and assist in many other ways as you deal with the usual holiday hassle. Take it from the lawyers: They are on your side!

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