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 December 08, 2022

Porch Pirates at Large – How to Fight for Your Stolen Deliveries

Man dressed as a porch pirate holding a sign that says, We have your packages! Arrr!

It’s that time of year again—the season when everybody starts shopping for the holidays! Whether you are seeking gifts for friends and family or want to treat yourself to a cool new gadget, you are probably planning to look online for the best deals of the day.

It’s fun and easy to click “Add to cart” and “Check out” without a second thought! You may even have your address auto-filled, so you don’t have to type additional directions. Once you start shopping online, it can be hard to stop.

There is one group of people who hope you don’t stop: porch pirates. These criminals lurk near your home, looking to steal the packages that get delivered to your door.

They may be opportunists who simply walk past and snatch a package that happens to be lying on your porch. Or they may be more thorough, watching your house until they see the delivery driver leave a nice gift for you. Either way, they can ruin your holiday plans when your packages disappear, along with your hard-earned money that you paid for them.

Survey results about delivery problems

In a recent survey conducted by LegalShield, we asked over a thousand people about their shopping behavior and package delivery problems during the holidays. These stats tell the tale of porch pirate woes:

  • Over 58% of survey participants plan to have their holiday shopping delivered to their home this year.
  • 28% of participants don’t use proactive methods to protect themselves against package theft.
  • 54% of participants rarely or never use special instructions for deliveries.
  • 31% of participants have had a package stolen from their doorstep, with 21% having had it happen to them in the past month alone.
  • 34% of participants felt less safe after their experience with package theft.

It’s clear that porch pirates have it out for consumers this year! LegalShield is ready to help you fight the battle to protect your purchases from these criminals.

With a LegalShield legal plan, you can access your provider law firm for consultation, letter preparation, document review and more. Your lawyer is available to answer legal questions and assist with the legal ins and outs of this frustrating theft.

Steps you can take to protect yourself

Of course, you can take proactive steps to protect yourself. Here are several security methods you can use when conducting your life and business online:

  • Require a signature from a member of the household when the package is delivered.
  • Provide delivery lockers wherein the package can be left.
  • Install a security camera with a clear view of your porch and lawn.
  • Send packages to a locked Post Office box.
  • Have packages delivered to your place of work so you can retrieve them there.
  • Shop in person or pick up your packages at a designated, safe location.

However, even the best proactive steps cannot always prevent package delivery theft. 39% of survey participants who used the above-listed security methods reported that they still had a package stolen from their doorstep. This is where your LegalShield plan comes in handy!

LegalShield provider lawyers can help

LegalShield Members can take their proactive approach one step further by having their lawyer explain terms or provide a helpful letter or a phone call to assist in clearing up the issue with the delivery company and other parties involved.

Remember: Life is worth more than possessions. If you know a porch pirate is targeting your home, do not try to stop the thief with physical confrontation. In addition to being a dangerous and reckless step, you could also become responsible for any injuries that arise from a confrontation.

Don’t take risks—call your LegalShield law firm instead. Your LegalShield Membership helps you to live a safer, more secure life online and off. Get the peace of mind you deserve when you have access to a team of dedicated LegalShield provider lawyers.

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