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 September 02, 2021

Calling the Shots: FDA Approved the Pfizer Vaccine. Does This Mean A Vaccine Mandate is On The Way?

People lining up to receive a COVID vaccine

The Pfizer-Biotech vaccine is now fully FDA-approved.

Amid the chaos of the highly contagious Delta variant, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has marked a significant milestone in COVID-19 history by approving the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine.

Millions of Americans have indicated that they would prefer to hold off on receiving the vaccine until it was fully approved. This has been the moment they’ve waited for, and officials are urging them to go ahead and get it done.

In addition to the full approval for people over the age of 16, the vaccine is now authorized for emergency use in teens ages 12-15. The FDA is expected to seek emergency authorization for children ages 5-11 in the fall.

As for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, experts anticipate that these vaccines are close behind in receiving full FDA approval and emergency authorization in children.

If this doesn’t give unvaccinated Americans the confidence to get the shot, mandates may force the issue.

The approval essentially gives organizations and administrations more reason to put vaccine mandates in place.

While the federal government doesn’t currently require anyone to get the vaccine, several large corporations and employers do, including Google and Walmart, and that number is expected to significantly grow following the approval.

As face mask regulations are suddenly sweeping across the country, other employers aren’t putting a mandate in place, but are requiring unvaccinated workers to continue to wear masks in the workplace and take regular Covid-19 tests.

A lawyer can help you understand your vaccine rights.

As vaccine requirements are different from state to state, it’s important you understand the laws and regulations put in place on vaccines to stay up to date and protect your legal rights.

That’s why having a lawyer to consult and receive guidance from is so valuable right now.

Get in contact and schedule a consultation with your LegalShield provider lawyer today to understand your employment or consumer rights when it comes to the vaccine.

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