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 August 05, 2021

Calling the Shots: Officials Require Healthcare Workers & More to Get COVID-19 Vaccine or Pass Weekly Test

Woman getting COVID-19 nasal swab test & image of COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card

“You’ve got two options:” Officials are requiring health care workers and more to get vaccinated or test weekly.

You’ve seen a lot of daunting news headlines lately. Is COVID-19 resurfacing? What are the new rules when it comes to vaccines? Let’s break down the latest news on vaccinations and the legal impact it could have for you as an employer or employee.

Health workers and other municipal employees in California and New York City are now required to get coronavirus vaccines or get COVID-19 tested weekly. Federal employees and the Department of Veterans Affairs are under the same guidelines. These rulings are expected to impact thousands of working Americans.

While it’s not necessarily a vaccine mandate (no one is being forced to get the vaccine) the officials in these areas are hoping that the inconvenience of getting tested weekly will inspire workers to get the shot.

The changes come at a time when a dangerous strain of COVID-19 is resurfacing.

Officials are aggressively trying to curtail the spread of the Delta variant.

The Delta variant derives from a strain of coronavirus, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cautions it can spread more easily and is now the dominant strain lingering in the United States.

In order to curb the outbreak of the Delta variant and protect yourself, the CDC recommends getting vaccinated. Hence, the determined approach by officials to making everyone get the shot.

What are your employee and employer rights when it comes to vaccinations?

Is this legal? What are your vaccine rights if you refuse to get the shot? What’s your right as an employer? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Employers have the legal right to mandate Coronavirus vaccines.
  • While employees have the right to refuse it, they have no ironclad right to legal protection to fight it.
  • Those who are disabled or have a genuine religious belief may be entitled to an accommodation under civil rights laws.

Employees who don’t meet the criteria for accommodations may be asked to leave. Yes, employers have the right to fire them, since it is their job to keep their workplace safe.

Learn more about what your rights are in your area and industry.

Vaccination requirements differ in every state, and your provider attorney can help you understand what your rights are as an employee or employer.

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