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 April 14, 2023

Writing a Will Made Easy: LegalShield Guided Questionnaire

Woman using the LegalShield Guided Will Questionnaire on her mobile phone.

Estate planning. Writing a will. End-of-life decisions. These are topics that nobody really wants to think about. Young and old alike, people tend to avoid dealing with these major legal issues, even though everyone will have to face them at some point.

How do you feel when you think about drafting your Will? If you feel stressed, irritated, or even depressed by the idea of Will preparation, you are not alone. The number of people who pass away without an updated Will—or even without a Will at all—tells you that many ignore this important task until it is too late.

You may think it sounds complicated. Maybe you want to make or update your Will, but paying a lawyer’s hefty hourly fees for advice is out of the question. What other option do you have to take care of this important paperwork?

Online Will maker with the support of real-life lawyers

At LegalShield, we like to say, “Hire a lawyer the smart way, not the hard way.” Dealing with legal issues does not have to be difficult. Through our intuitive, user-friendly app, you can arrange a consult, upload documents, send photos of traffic tickets, and now prepare your Will online.

We realize people put this toward the end of their legal to-do list because the process can be onerous and time-consuming. That is why we’ve made it convenient and portable, using technology at your fingertips.

Writing a Will can be simple

Our members can access the Guided Will Questionnaire directly from the LegalShield app:

  • Complete it on your own schedule – you can stop and start whenever you want. Progress is saved as you go.
  • Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work from any device.
  • Helps you understand what needs to be in your Will, so that you are prepared to ask or answer questions when you speak with your law firm – ensuring the consultation is efficient.
  • Offers definitions and simple explanations for legal terms commonly found within Wills to help members throughout the process.

Life changes suddenly—make sure your Will changes, too

As always, we strive to make the legal side of life easy. You will be prompted to fill out a new Will—or update your current Will—directly from the app.

When should you update your Will?

Think about all the ways your life can change at a moment’s notice:

  • Has your marital status changed?
  • Have you made a major purchase, such as a house or a car?
  • Have you recently added children to the family through birth or adoption?
  • Do you need to establish guardians for your children?
  • Have you experienced a shift in relationships, meaning your intended heirs have changed?
  • Has your family experienced the loss of a loved one?
  • Do you need to establish powers of attorney? Specifically, financial power of attorney is a common need in the estate planning process.
  • Are you concerned about what will happen to your bank account after your passing?
  • Did you move to a new state or make plans to temporarily live abroad?
  • Did your state laws change regarding taxes? If so, you may want to take advantage of any state-specific adjustments that will minimize the taxes owed on your estate after your passing.
  • Do you have life insurance?
  • Did you recently get a pet? Your Will can provide stipulations for the care of your pet after your death.
  • Do you own a business and want to ensure that it goes into the right hands?
  • Do you want to put a living trust in place?
  • Do you want to give part of your estate to charity? Lay this out in your Will.
Mobile phone screen showing the LegalShield Will Questionnaire question: How should your assets be divided? You will be able to list special asset requests later. Examples: A specific piece  of jewelry, your residence, etc. Add Beneficiary - First Name - Last name - Percent Allocation - Cancel button - Add Beneficiary button - Continue button

All these life events and decisions are great reasons to update your Will. Fortunately, LegalShield makes it easy and automatic to make these adjustments! If the bustle of life causes you to forget to update your Will yourself, we send notices for you to update one year after your last Will request was closed. When updating, you can attach your current Will for additional review. We provide simple guided questions to consider what you wish to add as you go through your Will.

Are you hesitating to make a Will because you’re not sure if you need it?
Here are 6 reasons why you need to create a Will and the importance of it.

How to make a Will—the easy way

LegalShield’s Guided Will Questionnaire makes estate planning simple. Plus, the creation of a standard Will is included in a personal membership at no extra cost.

The only roadblock that remains are your own perceptions about writing a Will. End-of-life planning is not something any of us really want to contemplate. But, we promise, it’s the best thing you can do for your family members and loved ones. No one wants a judge and their state laws to determine what will happen to the treasures they cherish! So now that the process is convenient, customizable, and accessible through your phone with the app, why wait?

On-the-go mom holding daughter and writing a will on the train using the LegalShield mobile app Guided Will Questionnaire


Sign up for a LegalShield plan today

Will preparation is only one of the many important ways LegalShield can help you through the legal areas of life. When you sign up for a LegalShield plan, you gain access to a dedicated law firm at a fraction of most lawyers’ costly fees. You’ll have LegalShield provider lawyers on hand to answer legal questions, review paperwork, help handle tickets and other traffic issues, assist with landlord/tenant disputes, offer guidance with real estate situations and more.

Life gets complex when legal problems arise. But with LegalShield’s provider lawyers on your side, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are protected and empowered as you navigate legal issues.

This is a general overview of the legal plan coverage available from Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (“PPLSI”) for illustration purposes only. See a plan contract for specific state, province or territory of residence for complete terms, coverage, amounts and conditions. The LegalShield apps are available for download at no cost. Some services require an active LegalShield membership to be accessed.

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