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*Supplements for specific legal matters can be added at any time when you choose the monthly subscription option only. Supplements are not available on the annual subscription option at this time.

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 September 04, 2017

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your LegalShield Benefits?

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Throughout 2016 LegalShield has continued to add exciting new benefits to the LegalShield App, Ask LegalShield and Shake by LegalShield. In addition, IDShield members now have real-time information and immediate access to dedicated investigators, with the IDShield App. With these tools and access to your LegalShield provider law firm, you can have the confidence to deal with any legal challenges that come your way.

LegalShield App

The LegalShield app allows you to send an image of a traffic ticket directly to your provider law firm, access your membership information and connect directly with your provider law firm via your iPhone. Our member app empowers you to call your provider law firm. Once you sign in the app knows what number to dial to connect with your provider law firm. You can also access your membership number and learn more about how the plan works. Download and rate the LegalShield app on your iPhone or Android devices today!


The LegalShield app now allows you to access MemberPerks. You can sign in and access your perks directly from the app. MEMBERPerks offers LegalShield members special discounts from major retailers, restuarants and more. With MEMBERPerks, a family of four could save up to $2,391 per year with discounts alone, and even cover the cost of your LegalShield membership.

Click here to access MEMBERPerks

Shake by LegalShield

Shake by LegalShield offers instant access to a wide variety of free legal forms for families and small businesses. The documents include loan agreements, non-disclosure agreements, lease agreements, skilled labor contracts, contract work agreements and much more. You can fill out, review and sign these documents on your computer, tablet or smartphone. For a demonstration of the app, click here.

Access Shake by LegalShield online or download the app from iTunes.

Ask LegalShield

Ask LegalShield is an exciting app that provides answers to some of the most frequently asked legal questions. You can download the app at iTunes. While Ask LegalShield is not a substitute for the advice of your LegalShield provider law firm, it may help you understand what types of questions to ask your attorney. After you download and use Ask LegalShield please rate and review the app in iTunes. Your feedback helps us continue to improve and refine the app.

Ask LegalShield requires no login and is free to download. You can find answers to questions like:

  • What is a living will?
  • How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy?
  • How do I obtain a death certificate?
  • Will a revocable living trust avoid probate expenses?
  • Are traffic violations civil or criminal matters?
  • How can I collect money that is owed to me by my customers?
  • Can I collect child support from an out-of-state parent?
  • Are subleases allowed?

As a LegalShield member you should contact your LegalShield provider law firm to clarify the specific laws in your state or province and how they may impact your legal matter.

IDShield App

Responding quickly to ID theft is the best way to prevent serious complications. The all-new IDShield App gives you real-time information and immediate access to the industry’s only dedicated team of licensed private investigators. If you are an IDShield member download the new IDShield App from the iTunes or Android store today. If you do not yet have an IDShield membership visit www.idshield.com to learn more.


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