Antisemitism in America: The Effects of Gaza Strip

Member Benefits - May 26, 2021
Young Black woman and Jewish woman hold sign that says We Are Equal

The aftermath of the Gaza Strip attacks is unraveling all over the world.

Hatred is a dangerous, despicable disease and unfortunately, it is unraveling all over the world and right here in our own country.

Following an 11-day battle in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas, officials have reported there has been an escalating number of hate crimes against both American Jews and Palestinians.

Hate-filled words and threats on social media, physically violent attacks in the streets—discrimination is rife both online and in person.

Despite the ceasefire on missile attacks in Gaza, the damage to both groups could be long-lasting.

Officials condemn the spread of discrimination.

Across America, innocent Jewish and Palestinian Americans are being targeted for discrimination and attacks by those upset over the situation in the Gaza Strip. President Biden denounced the violence as “despicable.”

In a Tweet from Monday, the President said, “I condemn this hateful behavior at home and abroad—it’s up to all of us to give hate no safe harbor.”

Increased hate crime investigations in New York City prompted New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to ask Americans to not be divided in a Twitter post from this past Friday. “The anti-Semitism we’re seeing across our country isn’t in isolation and isn’t just a few incidents. It’s part of a horrible and consistent pattern. History teaches us we ignore that pattern at our own peril.”

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As tensions surge between the two groups, many are faced with violence and hatred. Here is how having legal support can help, now more than ever:

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