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 February 06, 2023

Enhancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with LegalShield

A group of diverse LegalShield employees

At LegalShield, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of our mission to protect and empower people with equal access to the tools and services needed to live a just and secure life.

What We Do

We create products that improve and empower the lives of everyone. It is our belief that people have the right to defend themselves against injustices rather than simply accepting whatever life brings.

Our Mission

LegalShield strives to build a better world where access to justice and security is equal for every human regardless of gender, race, orientation, education or social status—not simply sold to the highest bidder.

Real Impact

PPLSI is making a difference in the lives of our members by providing affordable access to legal help and privacy management advice. Our employees positively impact the lives of more than 1.8 million families enrolled in our consumer products by coming together to provide fresh perspectives on our services to help shape the company’s future. PPLSI brands provide people with access to experts to support them no matter what life throws their way.

Culture and Work Experience

We have embraced a digital culture that allows our diverse teams to collaborate through technology regardless of where they live. With staff located across North America, we empower our teams to build skills, achieve goals and create bonds. Whether working remotely or joining our home office staff, we support diversity and inclusion.

Disrupting Justice

We innovate and disrupt the traditional legal system—an expensive, complicated, and time-consuming system to make legal access simple, easy and affordable. PPLSI is the disruptive force providing millions of people with access to the legal and identity protection services they deserve.

Affordable Legal Help

Everyone deserves access to justice. A LegalShield lawyer can help ensure your legal rights are protected and respected. For just $24.95 a month, you will gain access to a team of experienced lawyers who can consult with you on a variety of legal matters, including discrimination.

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