Rideshare Drivers & Traffic Moving Violations: Protect Your Driving Record

Traffic Violations - November 18, 2021
Ride share driver in a car with a passenger

Over the past several years, rideshare companies and their drivers have provided an invaluable and relatively affordable service for people on the move. Plus, these transportation options provide employment for many drivers.

Although there have been contentious issues with rideshare companies concerning employment status and revenue sharing, one issue that falls squarely on drivers is the need to maintain a clean driving record. And for those that are cited for traffic violations, a lawyer is needed to keep those tickets off your record.

What are moving violations?

As the name suggests, a moving violation takes place when your vehicle is in motion as opposed to stopped or parked. Common examples of minor moving violations are speeding, running a stop sign or red light, following too close and failure to wear a seat belt.

Minor violations differ significantly in terms of penalties, fines, and impact on ability to drive for a rideshare from major violations such as excessive speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. The latter are not only more expensive but some of these violations can carry jail time.

Depending on the level of severity of the infraction, generally legal help should be sought immediately for any major violation. Also, an accident can sometimes involve a minor or major traffic citation after the fact if the moving violation was part of the incident. Whether driving for rideshare or personally, seek legal help whenever you’re in a car accident.

How moving violations can affect your ability to drive for a rideshare

The major rideshare companies have different rules in terms of what past moving violations will disqualify a new hire, both minor and major categories. However, many companies have a similar approach with respect to hires; new drivers cannot have more than three minor moving violations, specifically traffic light type or accidents, within the last three years.

Rideshare companies reportedly check your driving record on an annual basis, therefore your first reaction to any type of moving violation or accident should be to try to resolve the issue. Also, pending tickets may show up on your record, therefore, quick action is necessary to try to clear your record as soon as possible.

As a current driver, receiving one ticket may not mean the immediate end of your rideshare gig, but depending on the level of severity, dismissal is a possibility, and it may be very difficult to find a similar job or be re-hired once you have been let go for a poor driving record. An employment lawyer may be able to assist if you are let go.

If you receive a ticket while you have rideshare passengers onboard, be prepared to have a customer complaint, which may result in an automatic driver record review. The best approach is to contact a LegalShield traffic ticket lawyer immediately with all the information about the incident.

How you can contest your traffic ticket

Any type of moving violation will be expensive, even if you do not drive for a rideshare company because in addition to the fines, your insurance premiums could increase. Some states allow for traffic school to mitigate a minor violation and impose a cap on the number of times that you can do this within a certain period of time.

It’s important to resolve your traffic violation as soon as possible, even if it’s your first ticket since you have been with the rideshare company. However, if you already have one or two tickets on your record while you have been driving for the rideshare, it’s even more important to contest the latest ticket immediately.

During the traffic stop, it’s prudent to stay calm and gather information. It may be helpful to observe how the officer would have made the judgment that you broke a law; make some notes; and create a diagram to describe the events, all as close to the time of the stop as possible. This information can be provided to your lawyer.

Seek legal assistance

Now is the time to sign up for a LegalShield’s Ride Share & Delivery Supplement in addition to a Personal Legal Plan to get the legal services you may need to maintain your ability to earn an income. Fortunately, a LegalShield membership offers an affordable alternative to hiring a lawyer directly. Become a LegalShield member then all you need to do is upload a ticket through our mobile app and let your provider law firm assist you.

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