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 September 04, 2017

Protect Yourself with 2016’s Top Legal Tips

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Each year 57 million Americans experience some type of legal event. These events range from creating a Will to dealing with a speeding ticket. Understanding the nature of these issues will help you avoid problems and handle whatever comes your way.

The following tips were among our most popular and informative of the year. As a LegalShield member you have a network of provider law firms in 49 states and 4 provinces in Canada to assist you and answer your legal questions. Do not hesitate to call your provider law firm if you have any questions.

  1. It’s Time for Your Legal Checkup – Just as regular checkups with your primary care doctor help prevent and uncover potential problems, a legal checkup is vital to your legal and financial interests. This year the American Bar Association Commission on the Future of Legal Services endorsed the use of legal checkups and emphasized their importance in improving access to justice. Do not wait until an issue is already underway; take your legal checkup today.
  2. Top 6 Tips from Your LegalShield Lawyers – LegalShield provider law firms assist members with all manner of legal issues but the most important tips they have to offer can be applied to nearly every issue. First and foremost, “no problem is too small.” If you have questions or concerns call right away. It is far easier to address an issue early than to go back and correct mistakes at a later date.
  3. Traffic Tickets & Your Smartphone – Police issue more than 41 million speeding tickets a year. Without a LegalShield membership hiring a lawyer to fight your ticket could cost more than $150. These tips will help you know what to do and what not to do if you receive a speeding ticket. In addition, the LegalShield app allows you to take a picture of your traffic ticket and transmit it directly to your provider law firm. Download the LegalShield app from the Apple Store or Google Play today.
  4. Don’t Let These Legal Mistakes Come Back to Haunt You – You do not have to learn about these mistakes the hard way. From missing a statute of limitation to signing a contract without a review, these 5 mistakes are common but in most cases, completely avoidable.
  5. Think You Have Privacy Online? Think Again – Posting messages or sending emails about personal issues, including legal matters, has become so common that many people do not consider the negative consequences it can have on their legal issue. Make sure you understand the very real risk associated with posting personal and confidential information online.

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