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Business Success Requires Sound Legal Counsel

Select a plan:

Legal Essentials

LegalShield’s Small Business Essentials Plan provides access to a provider law firm to assist your business with a wide variety of business legal matters. 


Legal Plus

LegalShield’s Small Business Plus Plan adds additional access to a provider law firm, as well as IRS Audit Legal Services and Interstate Services for your business legal matters.


Legal Pro

LegalShield’s Small Business Pro Plan provides even more access to a provider law firm, IRS Audit Legal Services and Interstate Services to assist with business legal matters.


What’s Included in Your Legal Essentials Plan

Advice, Consultation and Research

Call your provider law firm for consultation on business legal matters related to your business — including preexisting legal matters.

* Your provider law firm can also provide additional legal research for each matter you present.

*This does not include business legal matters covered under designated consultations.

Designated Consultation

Have a specific question? Receive up to three designated 30-minute telephone consultations on separate legal matters each year, in your state of business. A provider lawyer will answer questions about legal matters such as tax issues, securities, intellectual property, immigration and more.

Letters or Phone Calls

A provider lawyer can provide further help with business legal matters by sending letters or making phone calls on behalf of your business for in-state business legal matters, each on a unique business matter, with 1 follow-up communication if a response is received from a third party. Receive any combination of 10 letters or phone calls annually on separate business legal matters (limit of 3 per month). Additional communications may be obtained for a flat fee of  $75 each. Collection Letters and Designated Consultations are not covered under this benefit.

Document Review

Business legal documents can be complex and confusing. Let your provider law firm help. Submit up to 10 business legal documents per year, up to 15 pages per document, for legal review (limit of 3 documents per month). Additional reviews are available for a flat fee of $75 each.

*Doesn’t include documents that are related to administrative proceedings and lawsuits.

Collection Letters

Late paying clients are an unavoidable part of business. Collection letters from a provider lawyer could help recoup payment. Your provider law firm will draft up to 5 collection letters each month. Additional letters are available for a flat fee of $75 each.

25% Preferred Member Discount

If you have additional business legal needs beyond plan coverage, a provider lawyer can provide additional assistance under the 25% preferred member discount off of their standard hourly rate. This discount does not apply to the Designated Consultations section, contingency fee cases, or fees set by court.

   ADD ON:

Grow Your Business with LegalShield Business Plus

With the right tools, running a business can be easy and efficient!

LegalShield Business Plus empowers you with tools to more easily manage workflow, and provides consultation to help make smarter, safer business decisions. Our consultative services can help you grow your business with confidence—and that’s good for your reputation and your bottom line.
Features and Benefits:

  • General Business Consultation
    Want to know how to better run your business? Ask any business-related question and get an answer within 72 hours.
  • Business Forms
    Download the most used legal forms.
  • Website Builder
    Every business needs an online presence! Launch a professional website for your business with easy-to-use templates and tools. We even offer e-commerce integration to help you start selling online.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools
    We’ll give you the tools to better manage your engagement with clients and potential customers.

A LegalShield Business Plus supplement can be added to your LegalShield Small Business plan at checkout for just $14.95 per month.

Speak With a Business Lawyer in as Little as 4 Hours
Access to an entire network of experienced lawyers

See What Our Customers Say

  • I had some critical questions I needed answered for my business. I received a quick response with the exact information I was looking for.
    Steven T.
    Minnesota Member
    I had some critical questions I needed answered for my business. I received..
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    I was completely clueless at how to begin the trademarking process for my business and about to spend hundreds of dollars unnecessarily, however thanks to the attorney I spoke with he led me in the right direction and helped me save so much money and time.
    Ashley A.
    Arkansas Member
    I was completely clueless at how to begin the trademarking process for my b..
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    I am very pleased with Legal Shield, personal and business. It is the best money spent each month. I have recommended to several colleagues and will continue as this service is needed for all. Thank you for having this available to small business owners like me.
    Denise S.
    California Member
    I am very pleased with Legal Shield, personal and business. It is the best..
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How LegalShield Works

Finding solutions to your legal issues doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated or expensive.

LegalShield puts the power of legal representation within reach of any individual, family, or business. We work hard to make it easy, simple, and affordable to get the legal help you need, when you need it.

All The Legal Help Your Small Business Needs
Legal Essentials Plan available for only $49/month

This is a general overview of the Small Business Legal Plans available from LegalShield for illustration purposes. LegalShield provides access to legal services offered by a network of provider law firms to LegalShield members through membership-based participation. Neither LegalShield nor its officers, employees or sales associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation, or advice. Small Business Legal Plans are not available in all states. See a Small Business Legal Plan contract for a specific state for complete terms, coverage, amounts and conditions. Custom contract drafting services don’t include mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, or private placements, administrative or regulatory matters or franchise agreements and legal matters covered under Designated Consultations, pleadings or any documents related to administrative proceedings or lawsuits. Negotiations and redrafts are available under the 25% discount from the Provider Attorney’s hourly rate.