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Business Plus Add-on Services: Business Consulting Services

Add this supplement to your LegalShield Small Business Plan and get extra support for your business.

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Tools and support to protect and grow your business

Even if you already have the LegalShield Small Business Plan, adding the Business Plus Supplement empowers you with more tools to easily manage your workflow, and provides tools to help manage your customers, website and reporting. Do you have the right tools to build your business? The Business Plus supplement equips you with a CRM tool to help manage campaigns, lead communication and build your website. Our services can help you grow your business with confidence—and that’s good for your reputation and your bottom line.

Company insights

You’ve probably heard that data is key to helping you run a successful business, but do you know how to put it to work—and make it work for you? The Business Plus Supplement can help you with that. The Hubspot Insights provides data for your business to update your company record. Because HubSpot Insights are pulled from multiple sources, data may not match external data collected on your company—so this can help you unify the information to help you further understand your business insights.

Deal tracking

Use deals in HubSpot to track potential revenue. This tool creates a deal whenever a contact takes an action that could lead to revenue, such as booking a meeting with you to discuss your product or service. Read more from HubSpot.

Email tracking and notifications

Send over 2,000 marketing emails a month with easy-to-use tools that allow you to manage and respond to emails directly from your inbox.

Meeting schedule

Book meetings without the hassle by connecting your Google calendar or by connecting your Office 365 calendar.

Live chat

Connect live chat to engage with your website visitors in real-time and create bots for qualifying leads, scheduling meetings and customer support.

Reporting dashboard

Keep track of activity, quotas and monthly trends directly from your sales dashboard.

Pipeline management

Add deals to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and send them out to your contacts with a single click. Includes easy tracking right from your dashboard.

Prospect tracking

Know when prospects are engaging with your content. Get details when contacts open an email, click on a link or download an attachment.

With the right tools, running a business can be easy and efficient

For an additional $14.95 per month on top of your current plan’s rate, the LegalShield Business Plus Supplement gives you access to tools that can help your business succeed.

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Business consultation

Whether you're an industry veteran or you're new to running a business, it can be tricky to manage all the legal, operational and managerial aspects to make it all run smoothly. If you want to learn ways to improve and protect your business, reach out to one of our partnering lawyer. You can ask them any business-related questions.

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Business forms

From sole proprietorship forms to partnership forms, corporation to S corporation forms, the Business Plus Supplement provides all types, so you don't have to go hunting for the business forms you need to advance your company. you'll get unlimited access to a library of some of the most commonly used business forms right when you need them, so you don't have to hold up your plans.

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Website builder

Every business needs an online presence, which is why we partner with Weebly. Weebly empowers you to create and launch a professional website for your business with easy-to-use templates and tools. With the Weebly website builder, you can preview your website before deciding to publish, and all pages support viewing from either desktop or mobile devices. Plus, you can promote your site to potential customers, and even share the continuing story of your company with a blog.

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CRM tool

Make sure your customers get the attention they deserve with the HubSpot Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, designed to help you manage your engagement with clients and potential customers. You can track marketing campaigns, manage sales and leads, and more with features for pipeline management, company insights and deal tracking.

Get access to tools to grow your business

Start accelerating your future success with the Business Plus Supplement.

Small Business Essentials + Business Plus Supplement


  • Checkmark Icon 10 letters or phone calls per year / Up to 3 per month
  • Checkmark Icon 10 document reviews per year / Up to 15 pages / Up to 3 per month
  • Checkmark Icon 5 collection letters per month
  • Checkmark Icon Business Plus Supplement


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Small Business Plus + Business Plus Supplement


  • Checkmark Icon 20 letters or phone calls per year / Up to 5 per month
  • Checkmark Icon 20 document reviews per year / Up to 20 pages / Up to 5 per month
  • Checkmark Icon 10 collection letters per month
  • Checkmark Icon Business Plus Supplement


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Small Business Pro + Business Plus Supplement


  • Checkmark Icon 40 letters or phone calls per year / Up to 10 per month
  • Checkmark Icon 40 document reviews per year / Up to 25 pages / Up to 10 per month
  • Checkmark Icon 15 collection letters per month
  • Checkmark Icon Business Plus Supplement


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This is a general overview of the Small Business Legal Plans available from LegalShield for illustration purposes. LegalShield provides access to legal services offered by a network of provider law firms to LegalShield members through membership-based participation. Neither LegalShield nor its officers, employees or sales associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation, or advice. Small Business Legal Plans are not available in all states. See a Small Business Legal Plan contract for a specific state for complete terms, coverage, amounts and conditions. Custom contract drafting services don’t include mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, or private placements, administrative or regulatory matters or franchise agreements and legal matters covered under Designated Consultations, pleadings or any documents related to administrative proceedings or lawsuits. Negotiations and redrafts are available under the 25% discount from the Provider Attorney’s hourly rate.