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  • Consumer Financial Stress Index
  • Aug Bankruptcy
  • August Housing Activity
  • August Foreclosure
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Drew Edmondson - Former Attorney General of Oklahoma
"I am a great believer in Legal Shield. People should be able to practice preventive law just like preventive medicine, to be able to consult with an attorney before you act on a legal matter. It is a great comfort to know you have access to legal services any time you need them."
Mike Moore - Former Attorney General of Mississippi
This company and product balances the scales of justice for all of our citizens. The company’s legal service plans are proof that quality legal representation can be obtained without paying a high price in fees and frustration.
Grant Woods - Former Attorney General of Arizona
The bottom line of LegalShield is that it provides a way for hard-working individuals to have access to the services of an experienced lawyer with no catch involved. The company’s legal service plans are proof that quality legal representation can be obtained without paying a high price in fees and frustration.
LegalShield’s dedication and devotion to creating a better life for its members through solid legal assistance is a unique business model that I believe benefits everyone. Legal and identity theft plan coverage is now a necessity as common challenges in the judicial system can quickly evolve into uncommon situations.

‘V-Shaped’ Recovery in Residential Real Estate Expected to Continue into 2021, According to New LegalShield Data

The LegalShield Law Index is comprised of five sub-indices that tend to lead an existing economic indicator that sheds light on the health of the U.S. economy.  The LegalShield Housing Activity Index, for example, tends to lead U.S. Census data on housing starts by 1-2 months; the LegalShield Real Estate Index tends to lead monthly existing home sales as published by the National Association of Realtors.  Since LegalShield's member intakes are logged in real-time rather than through surveys, there is no lag in compiling the data and, therefore, are viewed as predictive and actionable. 

  • In August, the LegalShield Housing Activity Index surged nearly 10 points to 138.2, the highest level on record. Housing starts spiked 22% in July and are 8.6% above last year's level. These improvements can be partly attributed to improved building prospects in the suburbs and exurbs.
  • The LegalShield Real Estate Index improved 4.3 points in August to 111.8, its strongest reading since late 2005. After dropping this spring, existing-home sales increased 25% in July and are 8% above last year's levels. Demand for single-family homes has increased significantly this year—fueled by sub-3.0% mortgage rates.

The data show that the housing and real estate markets are rebounding from the coronavirus- induced shutdown of this spring quicker than many other sectors of the economy. However, this increase has also driven prices up 8.5% from July 2019 to July 2020, meaning that a house in the suburbs may not be as affordable to everyone.

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