This is Why We Do What We Do

We have made it our mission for over 40 years to take the stress out of your legal problems. Getting legal help is for everyone. Here is what some of our members have to say about working with us.

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H. Harrington
Florida Member
I would like to thank both of our provider attorneys for their assistance and information concerning me getting my refund back from this contractor. After the phone call, I got my refund the next day. This service is invaluable and the attorneys are very compassionate, listening patiently and advising wisely. Thank you again.
C. Ferguson
Utah Member
My husband and I have had LegalShield now for three months. This was the best investment we have ever made! In that time we have used it five times. The money that LegalShield has recovered for us has been more than six years worth of membership dues. This service has really changed our lives. I work in the insurance industry and I feel like LegalShield is the best insurance that money can buy.

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