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Launch by LegalShield provides an affordable suite of legal services that form your business entity correctly, so you get the legal protection you need to be successful.

Three Key Elements of a Successful Business Launch

Growing a successful business over the long-term requires a solid foundation at the start. Selecting the right type of entity for your situation, checking that your business name is available for registration and filing for a tax id number and all mandatory business licenses and permits are the first three steps you must take to form your entity correctly. 

  • Forming a legal business entity protects your home and other personal assets from lawsuits related to your business.
  • Using a legal entity, such as an Limited Liability Company (LLC), allows you to enjoy several important tax benefits.
  • Having a business entity, separate from your personal identity, conveys a much higher level of professionalism.   

When you sign up for Launch by LegalShield, your attorney will handle the entire entity formation process for you. Besides eliminating guesswork and stress, you’ll rest easy knowing that everything was prepared and filed correctly.  

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Some people start their entrepreneurial journey as a sole proprietor, conducting business under their own name and social security number. However, even the smallest businesses should strongly consider forming a more sophisticated business entity. When set up correctly, legal entities shield your personal assets from business lawsuits and provide significant tax benefits. 

But which business type is right for you? LLCs are a popular choice due to their strong liability protection and simplicity, while C and S Corporations are more appropriate choices for certain types of businesses. 

Once you know which entity type is best for your situation, you need to make sure the required paperwork, such as articles of organization or incorporation, are created and filed correctly. Failure to follow all applicable legal requirements can render your liability protection null and void. 

While this may sound daunting, there is a simple, affordable solution. For only $145 + state filing fees, Launch by Legalshield provides an experienced business attorney that will help you select the right entity type, create all necessary paperwork and file everything with the appropriate governmental body in your state. On top of forming your entity for you, you get three months of legal support for a whole host of common business tasks you’ll need to complete beyond launching your entity. 

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When you form any business entity, you must choose a legal name for the business. Besides being a legal requirement, business names come in several flavors. Each type of name addresses different needs. 

  • The name you use to form your entity is the business’s legal name and protects you at the state level.
  • A Doing Business As (DBA) allows you to operate your business under a name different than the business's legal name while maintaining your liability protection. DBAs can be helpful when your business's legal name is not a good consumer facing brand name or if you want to operate several businesses with different names under one legal entity. Most states require you to file a special form to connect a DBA with your legal entity. 
  • A Federal Trademark protects your business at the federal or national level against people using your brand name.
  • A domain name is simply your business’s website address. While most businesses have websites and strive to have a domain name that matches their brand name, websites are not required by law and your domain name does not necessarily have to match the business's legal name or DBA exactly. 

Is the legal name you want to use available or is another company already using it? Do you need a DBA or Federal Trademark? Like forming an entity, you need to make the right decisions and then file the paperwork correctly to get the legal protection you need. Working with an experienced small business attorney is a smart way to make sure you get your business name right.  

Rather than stressing and guessing, sign up for Launch by Legalshield. Your attorney will conduct a business name search to make sure the name you want is available and won’t infringe on existing copyrights or trademarks. Once you have decided on a naming strategy, your attorney will file the appropriate paperwork and you’ll be cleared for launch. 

Enjoying the legal protections and tax benefits legal business entities provide requires you to jump through a few additional hoops. A Federal Tax Identification Number, also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), allows you to open a business bank account, pay federal taxes separate from your personal taxes, apply for business licenses and permits and legally hire employees. It’s a key requirement of forming and operating your business over the long-term. 

Depending on your state and industry, your business may require additional business licenses and permits. Common licenses and permits include general business licenses, sales tax licenses, health department permits and liquor licenses.  

  • How do I get tax id number?
  • Which licenses and permits are required federally and at the state or local level?
  • Where do I get all the federal and state forms forms and apply for what my business needs?

Launch by Legalshield members don’t have to worry about any of these questions because their attorney provides all the advice and guidance they need to navigate federal and state filing requirements. Your Legalshield lawyer will even apply for and secure your federal tax id for you as a standard part of your launch plan and can review any other applications you prepare on your own. 

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Legal Support to Fuel Your Success Beyond Launch

Business Formation

Unlimited Legal Advice for Common Business Circumstances

Even the smallest, simplest businesses need legal help beyond forming a legal entity. Here are some common things that pop up for most businesses. 

• Needing an operating agreement

• Setting up business bank accounts

• Negotiating vendor contracts and leases

• Applying for special licenses and permits

• Writing sales contracts

• Creating employment agreements

• Navigating tax law

• Protecting intellectual property like copyrights

Unlike any other “start a business service,” Launch by LegalShield includes three months of our award winning small business legal plan. The legal plan allows you to call your attorney to get legal advice on an unlimited number of business topics. If you start a business, you will have many important legal questions. It’s unavoidable. With LegalShield, the answers you need to keep moving forward will be only a call away. 

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Contract Review and Legal Representation that Drives Growth

When you need to draft a sales contract, negotiate the terms of a lease with a landlord or hire your first employee, LegalShield has your back. The small business legal plan that is included with your launch package includes the following additional legal services. 

  • Submit any documents (up to 15 pages each) for review by your attorney
  • Fill out any document template from our website and have your attorney provide feedback
  • Have your attorney write letters or make calls on your behalf to negotiate contract terms

While you can find a variety of services that will provide you an online form that spits out generic entity filing documents, none of them will provide the “real” one-on-one legal representation that Launch by LegalShield includes for no additional fee. There really is no comparison.  

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Business Formation
Business Formation

Ongoing Legal Support for All Stages of Business Growth

Once your business leaves the launch phase, it will enter the orbit of ongoing operations. Ongoing operations raise new challenges that your LegalShield membership can help you with. 

  • Your attorney can write demand letters to improve your debt collection efforts.
  • Your attorney can make calls to resolve disputes with employees, clients, vendors or any other third party. 
  • Your attorney can support you during IRS audits and, with our SMB 50 and 100 plans, represent you at trial should your business be a named defendant in a covered civil trial.

All of these legal services are available to members that continue to maintain their small business legal plan after the first three months (optional). Fees start as low as $39.00 per month. Plus, you’ll enjoy 25% off standard hourly fees for complex legal needs and 100’s of Member Perks that can save you more money on popular products and services than the cost of the plan.

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An experienced business attorney in your local area will have your legal entity up and running quickly and correctly. 

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I appreciate all the help and support I had in developing my LLC. It was great to have an organization that took me from start to finish with registering my name and my business in the state of Washington. They answered questions quickly and efficiently and I couldn’t be more pleased.

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