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When you form a new corporation you’re required to file certain paperwork detailing the organization and management of the business entity. Chief among those documents are the Articles of Organization. Ensure that all your details are legal, correct, and enforceable with the help of LegalShield and our experienced business lawyers.

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Avoid Costly Mistakes from the Get-Go

Though you can go at it on your own and file online for articles of organization, creating a corporation and hashing out the details of your bylaws is much more complex than it might first appear. 

Making decisions without all the necessary information or refusing to hire a lawyer due to financial fears are common reasons why new business owners end up making costly mistakes when first starting out. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

With LegalShield, you’ll work with a local business lawyer who will talk to you about your new business, help you choose the right structure, properly prepare articles of organization and bylaws and be there for unlimited legal advice whenever you need it.

Begin your new venture on the right foot, learn more about how Launch by LegelShield can help you through the organization process today.

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Articles of Organization FAQs

Why do I need articles of organization and bylaws?

Your corporation’s articles of organization, along with corporate bylaws, serve to define its structure and function in a way that allows you to account for possibilities or eventualities.

When it comes to running a corporation, it’s of vital importance to have all rules and agreements on paper. 

Written bylaws reduce the likelihood of future disagreement (legal and otherwise) about how the business is set up and managed. 

What’s the difference between C corporations and S corporations?

While C corporations and S corporations are similar in how they operate, they differ in their taxation. In forming your corporation, these tax considerations are often a big factor when choosing a structure. 

C corporations pay tax on corporate profits, and its shareholders are taxed on the dividends paid out. 

With an S corporation, profits and losses are passed through to the shareholders to be reported, and if applicable paid, on their personal tax returns, similar in some respects to default LLC taxation.

C corporation is the default; a corporation may elect S corporation status through a filing with the IRS. 

Where do I find the articles of organization?

Each state’s website should have a standard form for articles of organization to be filed, along with a fee for filing. It’s a somewhat similar process if you are launching an LLC as there is a standard form to register. However, the articles of organization do not include the ‘how to’ of running the company, like you would find in an LLC’s operating agreement. For corporations, those details are within company bylaws, which, like an LLC operating agreement, is not a public document. 

Your corporation’s articles of organization, along with corporate bylaws, serve to define its structure and function in a way that allows you to account for possibilities or eventualities. 

For example, you may wish to seek outside funding to help grow your business; your bylaws should provide for how shares in the corporation can be issued or sold to investors. Similarly, one of the members of the corporation may wish to leave or get divorced, or even die, or you may simply want them to leave; shareholder agreements outline how that person’s shares may be bought back and may limit the option to sell to an outside third party. 

A lawyer will be familiar with these situations and the many challenges that can arise and can advise you on the proper steps.

Articles of Organization Filing Process

What do you need to create articles of organization?

With LegalShield you can pass on all the hard work of creating your articles of organization to your lawyers. Just give them the following information and they’ll take it from there:

  • Legal business entity name.
  • Stated purpose of the corporation.
  • The corporation’s place of business.
  • Name and addresses of corporation officers.
  • Name and physical address of registered agent.
  • Names and addresses of the directors.
  • Name and address of at least one incorporator.
  • Number of authorized shares, and if applicable the type of stock in the corporation.
  • Duration of the corporation, if not indefinite.

Though it may seem a bit complicated or overwhelming to make sure you have all this information, with LegalShield you won’t have to worry. Launch by LegalShield connects you to a local business lawyer who will answer all questions you might have, advise you on the right direction for your business entity, and prepare and file all of the articles of organization paperwork for you.

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Your lawyer can also help you with obtaining business licenses and permits, review operating agreements or other business documents, make phone calls to help negotiate an office lease, and so much more.

All of this is included for just $145 + your state’s required filing fees (typically $50-$450). You can check your state filing fees by using our handy calculator.  EIN numbers are issued by the IRS for free. Even better, we’ll include three months of our small business legal plan for no additional charge.

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    My experience with LegalShield has been awesome and I could not be happier..
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