Yes, You Can Change Your Last Name Without Getting Married

Family Law - August 12, 2022
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“What’s in a name?” The answer is: a lot! Our names are a major part of our identities and follow us wherever we go.

Reasons for a name change other than marriage

The reality is, that you may want to change your given name for a variety of non-marriage-related reasons including, for example, the following 3 reasons:

1. Change name after divorce

If you’re divorcing someone and wish to change your name, the simplest way to go about changing your name is by restoring your former name during the divorce action by asking the judge to issue an order.

2. Change name after gender change

When someone is transgender, they likely no longer feel as connected to their birth name. For this reason, many transgender people want to legally change their name to something more masculine or feminine. If so, they need to petition the court.

3. I don’t like my birth name

Similar to changing your name after a gender change, you may not feel as connected to your birth name for reasons that have nothing to do with gender identity. If so, you can simply petition the court, then update all of your relevant paperwork and IDs.

How much does it cost?

Usually, you’re required to pay filing and court fees and whatever it costs to get new identification, like an updated driver’s license or health care card. Note that it doesn’t cost anything to update your Social Security card. Your revised IDs allow you to revise your voter registration, bank accounts, medical records and anything else that requires your legal name.

Can I change my last name without getting married?

Can you change your last name without getting married? As outlined above, definitely yes! The most common reason you’re not legally allowed to change your name is if it’s to defraud someone.

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LegalShield can help

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