Prepaid Legal Services: Personal & Family Legal Plan

With a LegalShield Personal Plan, you and your family gain access to a team of provider lawyers whenever you need them, for an unlimited number of legal matters, all for a fraction of the typical law firm hourly rates.

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LegalShield always has your back no matter what life throws at you.

With you no matter what life throws your way.

Legal matters are inevitable on life’s journey, and hiring a lawyer is expensive. With LegalShield, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared and supported through life’s many curveballs.

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Wherever you are

The easy-to-use LegalShield app allows you to schedule consultations with a provider lawyer, send them documents and more on the go.

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Write letters or make phone calls

Sometimes all you need to settle a legal matter is a call or written letter sent from a provider lawyer on your behalf. LegalShield provider law firms can handle this for you.

LegalShield easy access

Not just for emergencies

Signing a lease? Receive a traffic ticket? Everyday legal matters can pop up unexpectedly, and having a provider lawyer’s direction can help you navigate through them.

Get quick and easy access to a provider lawyer

Starting at $24.95/month

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Customize your plan for just $14.95 each

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all,” especially when it comes to legal needs. When you purchase the Personal Legal Plan as a monthly plan, you have the option to customize it anytime with specific supplements that address your needs.

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Home business

Legal assistance that’s tailored to the unique needs of running your home business.

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Trial defense

Because trials can be expensive and time consuming, you have the option to add on additional trial defense support.

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Ride share & delivery

Affordable legal advice and direction to protect your drving record and maintain a safe vehicle.

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Protection for gun rights

Legal defense and protection for your rights to own firearms.

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Legal protection for you and your family

Starting at $24.95/month

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Common questions about your legal plan

What is a pre-paid legal plan and how does it work?

Instead of paying a lawyer by the hour, you pay a small fee (starting at $24.95/month) and have access to an independent provider lawyer that will provide a huge variety of legal services without a huge legal bill. Services like consultation with a lawyer, document review, drafting of debt collection letters and defense at civil trials are included as standard benefits. Using the plan just once can save you literally thousands of dollars.

Using the plan is as simple as signing up and contacting our team. Once you’re a member, you will have access to a provider law firm in your area that can assist with the specific legal issue. Also, you can download our super-simple app to quickly access your legal benefits and member perks anytime.

Will the plan really cover my specific legal issue?

Personal Plans from LegalShield cover most personal legal issues. Most day-to-day legal issues are covered by the standard member benefits with no additional fees. If your specific legal need is more unique and requires additional lawyer support beyond the standard benefits, your provider lawyer can help you at 25% off their standard hourly rates. No matter the situation, LegalShield wants to help, and with a membership you have access to substantial savings.

If you still have questions about coverage, please review the above section on how we can help you, and our Membership Agreement. If you prefer to speak to someone live, simply contact our customer support team to discuss your specific situation.

Does the plan cover pre-existing situations?

The short answer is yes. Most pre-existing situations can receive consultation and the 25% discount from the provider law firm’s hourly rate. There are a few exclusions and exceptions, but your provider law firm can advise and possibly more on most pre-existing situations. Current exclusions and exceptions includes:


  • Any civil action or motor vehicle tickets or charges relating to an event that happened before starting your membership.
  • Any IRS inquiry, investigation, or notice received before the start of your membership.

Will I work with the same lawyer each time I need help?

As you may know, great lawyers tend to focus on one or just a few areas of law. You may not work with the same lawyers if you have legal issues in totally different areas of law. However, you will always work with the same law firm. LegalShield takes the selection of provider law firms very seriously. You can be assured that all the lawyers in the provider law firm that provide services for your membership are experienced. Our provider lawyers have an average of 22 years of experience.