The Future of Legal Services: Lawyers by Subscription?

Member Benefits - April 18, 2023
Is That Even Legal Podcast with Attorney Bob Sewell

Interview with LegalShield CEO Warren Schlichting on the
Is That Even Legal? podcast


“The law impacts almost everything we do, several times a day. Sometimes we break the law and don’t even know it! Attorney Bob Sewell explores what is legal in today’s society by asking experts the age-old question – Is That Even Legal? And getting the answers in plain language…while having a bit of fun.”


In his podcast Is That Even Legal?  Bob Sewell addresses the legal aspects of life, varying from mundane to outlandish. He touches on hot-topic issues as they arise. And he interviews experts in the field to get their professional opinions about the legal questions of the day.

Lawyers by subscription? Meet the CEO of America’s top online legal service

On this episode of Is That Even Legal?, attorney Bob Sewell interviews our very own LegalShield CEO, Warren W. Schlichting. Warren has an extensive background as an executive in other companies prior to LegalShield. He served in various leadership roles for businesses such as Dish Network and Sling TV. He was also an executive with a tech company called Poly, which was purpose-built for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

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Why did you come to LegalShield?

Warren has been serving as LegalShield’s CEO since September 2022. Though he may be new to LegalShield, he says it is a good fit for many reasons:

“I was a small-town kid and this job has a great community element, which is important for a small town. Ada, Oklahoma, is pretty small. It’s got a subscription membership base, and I’m used to working with subscriptions for paid TV. And it’s got a great mission! Great product, great mission, small-town community feel – that checks a lot of boxes for me.

“This is unlike any company I’ve ever worked for in the past,” Warren continues. “The NPS scores are rivaling Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, and American Express. The Net Promoter Score is a customer satisfaction number that is comparable across industries. LegalShield is in the mid-50s, and that is rarefied air in terms of customer satisfaction. That quantitative part of the product got me hooked. And then the mission just tackled me. This is a true mission.”

The LegalShield mission is simple: To dismantle barriers to access to legal services and privacy management. For over 50 years, LegalShield has sought to level the playing field by making access to legal assistance and identity protection affordable for all. For a small monthly fee, members can subscribe to plans that connect them instantly with dedicated lawyers and Licensed Private Investigators. LegalShield currently protects over 4 million individuals in the U.S. and Canada combined.

How does it affect you, knowing that what we’re doing is trying to give access to justice?

Warren replies, “These attorneys went to law school to help people. I’ve visited with enough of our attorneys like you, Bob, to know that they really are a part of our mission, and I can’t thank you enough. I’m so appreciative to be here.”

What’s your vision for the company?

Warren thoughtfully responds, “That’s a good question. We’ve got a disruptive business model that levels the legal playing field. My vision is to take this company to much more explosive growth and highlight these incredible features. It’s an awesome plan that just happens to be 50 years old. Our founder, Harland Stonecipher, was way ahead of his time. Why isn’t LegalShield a household name?

“We are selling legal services. You can be on the phone with an attorney because you have a legal problem. After that call, you get a survey. In general, our members talk about LegalShield as if it’s one of the most highly-rated companies in the U.S.

“Our members get to speak to a trusted person who is expert and empathetic.” Warren claims that this realization was largely responsible for his decision to serve as the LegalShield CEO. “Empathy and expertise – a perfect combination for someone who has a legal problem, but has very little experience with the legal system!”

Phone screens showing the LegalShield mobile app

What do you see in the future with LegalShield and tech?

Warren confidently replies, “We are not a tech company. We are a relationships company that is tech-enabled. You’ll see a lot more innovation from us, but the relationship still comes first.”

Is there something you are dying to tell us?

Warren is firm in his beliefs. “Harland and Shirley Stonecipher were the founders of this great company. I put a lot of value into founder DNA. We need to keep that founder DNA alive with attorneys like you. That’s the burning issue. Don’t lose sight of the mission. Keep it alive and keep it moving forward.”

LegalShield – the peace of mind that everyone deserves

Warren is taking LegalShield to bigger and better places! And he wants you to know that our mission is to give you the legal peace of mind you deserve. You can hear the full interview at, or listen wherever you enjoy getting your podcasts like Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and more.


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